20 April 2012

Buffalo Joe's

Buffalo Joe's

When asked where to eat when visiting Chicago, I never skip a beat. More often than not, I ask what the visitor has a taste for, what their price range is, or if they have any dietary restrictions... but then I remember Buffalo Joe's. Buff Joe's has hands-down my all time favorite buffalo wings. The sauce is unparalleled. I'm talking tangy, sweet, with just enough heat. The little wings are fried to perfection and each batch is individually tossed in a metal bowl of the age-old secret sauce. Served up with waffle fries, the world's best cheddar, and a refreshing RC Cola, these wings will honestly make you think twice before considering making a trip into Buffalo Wild Wings. While Buffalo Joe's isn't in Chicago proper (ahem, Evanston), it is totally worth the trip.

Buffalo Joe's 812 Clark Street / Evanston, Illinois

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