24 April 2012

HBO Girls

Girls via source
I don't know about you, but I am definitely enjoying the pilot season of Girls on HBO. After seeing Tiny Furniture and absolutely adoring it, as well as following Lena Dunham's Twitter for the last year, you can only imagine the amount of anticipation I had for the release of this show. I love Lena Dunham's voice, and I do believe she is a voice of our generation, if not a generation, to quote the show. The first two episodes have been really good thus far, covering the bases of sex, abortion, drug-use, and the general "What the F am I doing with my life after college!?!" haze that I totally relate to. In light of her parents cutting her off, Hannah struggles and strives to keep her chin up and her feet on the ground in order to find herself and most importantly be herself in New York City. There's no point in drawing comparison to Sex and the City (a show I love as well), because this is a different group of women at a different point in their lives with different ambitions and expectations. I think it's incredibly refreshing to have smart, educated, funny women speaking their minds as candidly and filterlessly as possible. Amen. Check out the trailer and the first episode!

Oh and I forgot to mention that Judd Apatow produced this show. If you're not sold on this point alone, then we can't be friends.


  1. read an article on the new hbo show "girls' and the author was saying all the things in the first 2 episodes that "girls" would'nt do and i thought:"IT'S SOCIAL SATIRE" creator lena dunham is absolutely skewering much of her generation by presenting {as it were} the ugly truth,,much like author evelyn waugh did in the 1920's and 30's...kent in atlanta

    1. As a 24 year old woman, I'm happy that "we" have a voice. I'm happy that Lena Dunham's body isn't the image that we see plastered across the media and advertising. I'm happy that we see an articulate woman with big ideas having raunchy awkward sex. This is what it is to be 24 in a metropolitan city. This is what it's like to look for a job, hope for the best, wanting a boy to text you back, but knowing he won't. I am in love with this show because for once, these scenarios seem plausible.