23 May 2012

Dip-Dye DIY

Dip dye DIY is how I'm solving the problem of this stained button up

I have been meaning to try the Refinery29 Dip Dye DIY for so long, and this weekend I finally scheduled the time to do it. While I did love the classic ombre look of the original shirt from the blog, I wanted something a little punchier. Also, I had a giant red stain on the sleeve of this shirt dress that was a no-go. I'm really feeling pink right now, and fell in love with this bright pink dye at Blick. So I set up the dye, and went about my other tasks on Monday - which included moving a couch into my apartment. When I returned and rinsed the shirt out, I was smitten.


Honestly, I'm going to start buying things with stains on them at thrift stores from here on out, because dying is fun, cheap, easy, and brings a whole new life to clothes that might be tossed. New-to-me clothes are some of my favorites. In an effort to be a little more budget conscious, I'd like to start playing with the wardrobe I already have, or at least shop around in the bargain bins a little more aggressively. With how well this project came out, I am looking forward to seeing what else I can get my hands on!


  1. Love love love! I'm a naturally messy person so I don't know if I could pull this off, but love it. Very Calypso!

  2. i have a few bottles of dye i've been meaning to use, but i'm super intimidated! i need to get over it and use them. this looks awesome!

    1. No need to be intimidated! This was incredibly straightforward and NOT messy. Just went to buy more dye on my lunchbreak. I'm addicted.