09 May 2012

One A Day

I was out to lunch with a work colleague last week, and she told me that she had a friend who, to get through the dreariness of February, decided to do one new thing a day, every day, and blog about it. While I don't think I have the complete luxury to do incredibly exotic things daily, I will say that changing up my routine is definitely something I've been toying with. Everyday is different, and variety is the spice of life, as they say. So I'm trying, with patience and excitement to try one new thing every day. If it's a new stretch, a new walk home, or a new toothpaste even, I am willing to try it. Here's a quick log of the new things I've done the last few days:

1) Friday - I saw my first 3D movie! Albeit, it was Titanic, which we all know I've seen hundreds of times, but seeing a 3D movie was a HUGE step for me! I also didn't buy popcorn... which I'm pretty sure might also be a first!
2) Saturday - I used my pasta maker for the first time, and made homemade pasta for Spencer and I for lunch!
3) Sunday - I learned how to roast a chicken with my mom AND tried out the new Estee Lauder BB Cream. Both results were exquisite.
4) Monday - I tried drinking crystal light, and have to say, I didn't hate it. I also stopped by a new market on the way home.
5) Tuesday - I worked out at the new Chicago Athletic Club in Wicker Park, and have decided to switch my current location to the new location. I also chopped off half of my hair!!
6) Wednesday - I tried a new piece of equipment at the gym and a new stretch!

So far, so good. Also, what do you think of my haircut!? So far, almost no one has noticed... I suppose it's not a dramatic change BUT it was a lot of hair that I've spent the last year growing! So it's new to me!

So I cut off half of my hair. What do we think of it Internet?

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  1. i love your new goal! next month i will be doing so many new things!!! i cant wait!