10 July 2012

A Relaxing Evening with Friends

Saturday night, in the midst of my glamorous weekend of cat-sitting, I had the dear Moriah over for BBQing and homemade ice cream making. God bless the Internet - within a minute of googling, we had a recipe in mind, and in a flash we set to work making a grocery list. Mo and I shopped, tried wine, picked up only the necessities (I managed to justify buying triple cream brie) and headed home.

Let me just say that it is an absolute treat to work in the kitchen with someone who loves food and is as adept at food prep and eating as Moriah is. We started the ice cream, chilled it, made kabobs, started the grill, and had the ice cream in the machine in under an hour. Though we might have partially failed at getting the grill started, Spencer was an absolute whiz at it, and generously grilled our food for us. Basically, we had a feast fit for kings, ate out on the patio, and had the ability to relax and enjoy each others company to the tune of Tim McGraw playing as Soldier Field no less. By the time we were done with our dinner, the ice cream was ready. Nothing better than perfect timing, amirite?

 Here are some photos of our amazing meal!
He's full of surprises and secretly great at grilling!
Owned it.
Fancy feast with @moriahsmidwest
  DAMN GOOD HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!! @moriahsmidwest

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  1. it makes me really happy you mentioned the tim mcgraw in the background bit! i love it.