10 July 2012

I'm an Old Fart

You guys, I think it's official - I've reached serious "Old Fart" status. I know being a cat lady is very in vogue right now, but I don't have a cat. Patterns in my recent hobbies and behaviors have led me to believe that I fit into a demographic somewhere between middle-aged and just plain old fart. I made a list of some of the activities that I was a little too excited about that no other 24-year-old should be this excited about. Here's the big reveal, and please, don't judge me too harshly.

-Cashed bonds from 1999. They hadn't fully appreciated, but it was a fun -ahem- Saturday morning activity.
-Had a vintage dress tailored to fit my tiny little old lady body.
-Took my clogs to be resoled. Used a work discount for said clogs.
-Took out two self-help books from the Harold Washington Library.
-One of the books I took out is by the Dalai Lama.
-Haggled over a late fee at said library. That book was not late.
-Became very excited about my salad carrier from the Container Store.
-Learned how to make my own ice cream.
-Purchased SPF 55 sunscreen.
-Going to bed around 9:30 or 10:00 pm every night.
-Packing my lunch the night before.
-I prefer loose pants to skinny jeans.
-Taking myself to see Singing in the Rain.
-I still don't know what Skrillex is.

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