24 August 2012

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

I'm sure by now that everyone and their mom knows about the Awesome People Hanging Out Together blog, and I will admit it is one of my favorites. But beyond the idea of awesome people hanging out, what about all of those awesome people who are actually friends, in the most unlikely of ways.  This Wall Street Journal article about Tavi Gevinson befriending Ira Glass is one of my favorite things on the internet today, and it will probably be a long time before anything can top it. My long-term love affair with Ira is only compounded by the fact that he is the mentor and BFF of my new-found-girl-crush Tavi.

I have had the pleasure of meeting both of these wonderful people, and fully intend on putting myself in close proximity to them in the near future - awesome people hanging out, get my drift? If you're interested in hanging out with either of these folks, and are in the Chicago area, I suggest you buy a ticket to see Sleepwalk With Me (with Ira Glass) at the Music Box next weekend, or snag a ticket to the Rookie Yearbook meet & greet book launch at Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple on September 20.

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