04 August 2012

Day One at Spicer Farms

Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The Spicer Farm in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I'm drawn to this area not only for its lush landscapes, Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin home and studio, and delicious cheeses - but also because my dear friend Moriah was raised here!

Mos HouseLocated about an hour outside of Madison, Rachel and I took the Megabus up from Chicago and after a few errand-oriented-hours with Mo and her brother Isaac, we arrived at the Spicer compound, complete with cows, air-dry laundry, a pool, restaurant club, homegrown vegetables, and a house built by Moriah's father.

The Pool

The pool is where I did some of my best work - bathing, relaxing, and cooling off from the sun. I'd never experienced a true night swim under the stars, which were in abundance out here. But  boy oh boy, nothing beats jumping into a cool clear pool of water after a long day to  float under a clear star-filled mid-summer sky.

rachel camera
mos legs
After taking a dip and a tour of the homestead, Moriah gave us a quick walking tour to survey the property. Check out her wicked bruise and amazing legs. This girl has some of the best gams I've seen! Rachel and I took everything in. She'd been to the farm before, and packed the smartest bag I'd seen. She made her Chacos work for every single outfit. Ladies and gentleman, I think she deserves a round of applause for only packing one pair of shoes, and making it work. Naturally, I overpacked!

rachel hammock rachel sitting
rachel smiling After a quick jaunt around the property, complete with viewing the recently picked store of shallots and garlic (mouth wateringly good smells), and setting up the tent in the middle of the farming patch, we headed to the kitchen to learn how to make matzoh ball soup from scratch without matzoh meal!! We wound up using ground-up thin matzoh like crackers, and though it wasn't the best batch of matzoh ball soup, it was pretty darn good for a beautiful shabbat dinner with the Spicer crew! On the menu was homemade challah bread, farm fresh corn elotes with homemade chiptole mayonnaise, southwestern style chicken chilaquiles, matzoh ball soup, the most beautiful garden salad with beets shallots and raspberry vinaigrette picked from the garden right before we ate it, and two kinds of homemade macaroons. It was pretty amazing.

Moriah Climbing

After a long day of traveling to a new place, meeting lots of new folks, and using the outhouse plenty of times, us ladies carried our tired bodies to the tent, tucked ourselves in, and read Matilda by flashlight until we fell asleep and were awoken by the sounds of Mo's cows mooing. I'm serious. This really happened.

For more details and photos from this weekend, hop on over to Moriah's photo blog.

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  1. Sandy,

    This post is absolutely to die for! I love seeing the farm from your prospective and as always, your photos are KILLER!

    Thanks for writing up such a nice post.