26 October 2012

Housewarming Wishlist

With my big move to my new place, I've been cultivating a vision for how I want my space to look and feel. I'm thinking sparse and minimal, yet cozy with just enough kitsch to make it "me". In addition to the whole lot of things I already own, I can't help but lust after a few goodies for the place. Here are some of the wishlist I've been dreaming of if anyone is thinking of getting me a housewarming present ;)...

Le Creuset Teakettle in Cherry $54.95 (because doesn't that color just POP?)

Mike Mills "Dates" Poster $30 (reminds me of "Beginners" AND mentions Titanic)
A Heirloom's Illinois State Cutting Board $48 (reminds me of the cutting board my grandparents in California have)
A Subscription to Gather Journal (I can just see myself pawing through it at my kitchen table)

Color Photo of Julia Child $25 (to inspire me in the kitchen)
Hudson Bay Multi Wool 4 Point Full $370 (to keep me warm and cozy on my couch)

This Weekend

-Dressing up as Hurricane Sandy for a Halloween Party
-Helping Dad move his things
-Dad helping me move my things
-Wrap up things with the old apartment (!!!)
-Dinner with Adolfo
-Try to take myself on a lady date to see "Argo" at the Davis
-Mom's going away party :(

Homecoming 2012

Last weekend was Knox College's 2012 Homecoming. Ben and I attended as honored guests of the school, representing the Art History department. Saturday afternoon, we gave talks on life after Knox and our positions at the Art Institute. It was really gratifying to be able to speak candidly about my experiences both on and off campus, and what it's like to enter "the real world". Our audience was polite, and full of great questions, which we were happy to answer. I am so proud to have attended a school of Knox's caliber, and I honestly believe that graduating from their art history program adequately prepped me for my work at the museum.

In addition to our talks, Ben and I attended some art oriented events on campus, and had cocktails with some of our favorite professors. I really feel as though we are transitioning out of the student/teacher relationship dynamic into a more colleague/mentor/friend zone, and I'm happy to have my professors playing an active role in my life.  We spent the weekend in the company of lovely Lexie and Kelly, dined at two new restaurants Baked and En Season, and had a really fun and relaxing weekend. Ben is the best travel companion! I was in stitches for most of the weekend!

14 October 2012

Ikea Does Sell Some Nice Things

Today my Dad and I made an intensely efficient trip to Ikea that involved only buying things we absolutely need AND having time for a quick lunch of meatballs and lingonberry juice. I wound up purchasing this darling "space saver" named Molger Open Storage in birch. After measuring and re-measuring and triple quadruple measuring my scrunched above-the-toilet space, I confidently walked into Ikea and purchased this wonderful shelving unit that fits like a glove in my bathroom. And those neat little woven baskets also look great on the shelves, right?

Things are coming along so nicely! What do you think of my finds? Aren't they just perfect?

08 October 2012

More Moving Updates

As of today I have:

-Wireless Internet
-A basically fully set-up kitchen (minus groceries)
-A fully functional bathroom
-A bed, kitchen table, and chairs on the way

This Thursday I'm moving my mattress in anticipation of my bed frame arriving from Room and Board. By next Saturday, I will be sleeping full-time at the new place - and I am so darn excited for my first night! I've been busy as a bee moving things out of my place in Logan Square up my three flights of stairs, but I'm finding that doing the moving in waves has actually helped me to feel more in control and relaxed about the entire process. I'm currently carrying a measuring tape in my purse, as well as my notebook full of measurements. I feel like a little homemaker, and squeezing all of my things into my new studio is just the challenge for me!

Here are some photos of some of the progress I've made:

Currently crushing on my stove top.
Kitchen is coming together
The new Jens LP really is the most beautiful color. Such a delight to open it up and see it glowing back at me!
More Jens Lekman spinning on my turn table
Creepin' on Comcast
Dowel has been cut, and I now have a beautiful walk-in closet!

05 October 2012

Edie and Andy on TV!!

Well hello my dear darling readers! I'm beaming to you from my favorite place - the television! In true Andy Warhol fashion, I have achieved my 15 minutes of fame!! This morning, a gaggle of gorgeous bloggers from the Chicago Blogger Network were graciously invited to the set of Good Day Chicago to model a selection of fall outerwear styled by the lovely Jen Luby of You Know You Love Fashion.

My fellow model bloggers and I were each styled in a different and distinct look - I was casual weekend chic, a gal who spends her weekends noshing on brunch and perusing the farmer's markets (so true!!). They styled me in a belted plaid trench from the Burlington Coat Factory - and the timing couldn't have been more perfect with the temperature's dropping in Chicago, and a new BCF location opening just minutes from my office in the Loop on State Street!

Pre-television debut! Classy Fox Chicago bathroom!

Prior to airing, I arrived at the studio early enough to befriend Lauren of LDOTCDOT.COM, where we were graced by the presence of two of the Wayans Brothers! That's right, us bloggers weren't the only VIPs on set. Naturally, we geeked out over the celebs AND managed to take pictures of ourselves in the mirror of the studio.

The rest of the gals, ahem, models arrived and, after excited introductions, we suited up, toured the studio, prepped, and took a bunch of pictures!!

Photo via @chicagoblognet
Photo via @stylepluscurves
From left clockwise: Autumn of Sir and Madame, Lauren of LDOTCDOT, Mari of Sportsanista, and Amber of Style Plus Curves, and ME!!

We were marched out to the studio space, bundled up in our wonderful attire, and given directions for the segment. The camera guy Gary told me I looked great!

photo via @chicagoblognet

And then, with almost no warning at all, we were rolling! It was surreal, strange, and fantastic. I think everyone should try being on live television at least once in their lives!! Was I nervous? YES. Was it fun? ABSOLUTELY!! And the best part of it was that I met some wonderful local bloggers through this strange and exciting event. I truly will never forget this. And now ladies and gentleman, drumroll please... here is a the taping of the LIVE TV SEGMENT!!

I just want to extend a big warm glowing THANK YOU to Jill and Kellen of the Chicago Blogger Network for offering me and my fellow bloggers this fantastic opportunity. It truly was unforgettable. And thank you Jen for coordinating and styling! We couldn't have done this without you!!

03 October 2012

Dreaming In White

When it comes to furnishing my new place, I've noticed my tastes have changed with a tendency toward a monochromatic palette. I've already picked out a white kitchen table and a white bed frame. I'm inheriting black chairs from my Dad, and have a set of black wood bookshelves that will be lining some of my walls. I'm hoping that rugs, art, and bedding will add the right pops of color to liven up the space. I will definitely post pictures once furniture is in place! But here's a peek at some of the things I've already picked out!

Odyssey Table via CB2

Piper Bed via Room and Board