26 October 2012

Homecoming 2012

Last weekend was Knox College's 2012 Homecoming. Ben and I attended as honored guests of the school, representing the Art History department. Saturday afternoon, we gave talks on life after Knox and our positions at the Art Institute. It was really gratifying to be able to speak candidly about my experiences both on and off campus, and what it's like to enter "the real world". Our audience was polite, and full of great questions, which we were happy to answer. I am so proud to have attended a school of Knox's caliber, and I honestly believe that graduating from their art history program adequately prepped me for my work at the museum.

In addition to our talks, Ben and I attended some art oriented events on campus, and had cocktails with some of our favorite professors. I really feel as though we are transitioning out of the student/teacher relationship dynamic into a more colleague/mentor/friend zone, and I'm happy to have my professors playing an active role in my life.  We spent the weekend in the company of lovely Lexie and Kelly, dined at two new restaurants Baked and En Season, and had a really fun and relaxing weekend. Ben is the best travel companion! I was in stitches for most of the weekend!

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  1. i love you two!!!!!!!!!!! best visit ever! so glad kevin behaved better when i left! :)