26 October 2012

Housewarming Wishlist

With my big move to my new place, I've been cultivating a vision for how I want my space to look and feel. I'm thinking sparse and minimal, yet cozy with just enough kitsch to make it "me". In addition to the whole lot of things I already own, I can't help but lust after a few goodies for the place. Here are some of the wishlist I've been dreaming of if anyone is thinking of getting me a housewarming present ;)...

Le Creuset Teakettle in Cherry $54.95 (because doesn't that color just POP?)

Mike Mills "Dates" Poster $30 (reminds me of "Beginners" AND mentions Titanic)
A Heirloom's Illinois State Cutting Board $48 (reminds me of the cutting board my grandparents in California have)
A Subscription to Gather Journal (I can just see myself pawing through it at my kitchen table)

Color Photo of Julia Child $25 (to inspire me in the kitchen)
Hudson Bay Multi Wool 4 Point Full $370 (to keep me warm and cozy on my couch)


  1. ok, i did get you a housewarming present, but nothing on this list ... however .. i think you will LOVE it!