08 October 2012

More Moving Updates

As of today I have:

-Wireless Internet
-A basically fully set-up kitchen (minus groceries)
-A fully functional bathroom
-A bed, kitchen table, and chairs on the way

This Thursday I'm moving my mattress in anticipation of my bed frame arriving from Room and Board. By next Saturday, I will be sleeping full-time at the new place - and I am so darn excited for my first night! I've been busy as a bee moving things out of my place in Logan Square up my three flights of stairs, but I'm finding that doing the moving in waves has actually helped me to feel more in control and relaxed about the entire process. I'm currently carrying a measuring tape in my purse, as well as my notebook full of measurements. I feel like a little homemaker, and squeezing all of my things into my new studio is just the challenge for me!

Here are some photos of some of the progress I've made:

Currently crushing on my stove top.
Kitchen is coming together
The new Jens LP really is the most beautiful color. Such a delight to open it up and see it glowing back at me!
More Jens Lekman spinning on my turn table
Creepin' on Comcast
Dowel has been cut, and I now have a beautiful walk-in closet!

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