23 November 2012

Day Two at Spicer Farms

Forever and ever ago, I visited Moriah's family's farm, and life got in the way of me finishing blogging about the experience. But let it be known, that since visiting that magical place, I've told nearly everyone who's asked just how special that weekend was to me, and just how wonderful Mo's family truly is. In an effort to get back on track with blogging, I present to you snaps from our second day on the family compound.

I think what spoke to me so much about my visit were the little details within the interior space of Moriah's family's home. I kept returning to this corner, where each day some new still-life was set up for me to photograph - a half played chess game, a vase of wild flowers, a book, etc. The light fills this home in the most exquisite way, and the woodwork is just gorgeous. You can literally feel the years of enriched living and learning that have happened within the space of these walls, the energy is immense and beautiful. I feel very grateful to have been able to add my own memories to this wonderful homestead.

Thanks again for hosting, Mo. I am still serious about wanting to have my wedding there someday...

Beautiful Corner 1 waiting for breakfast The Kitchen leahs room Friends For Peace Rachel Reading Table Scrabble Breakfast

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