01 November 2012

Thankful November 1: My Family

Namely my family of origin. To say that the last two years have been difficult for my family would be a vast understatement. My parents separated in fall of 2010, and their divorce was only recently finalized. It's been a rocky road the last two years - but for the first time in a long time, I think we are all beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone is moving forward with their lives in really positive ways, and I'm proud of how we have adjusted to the changes that we've gone through.

My little shrine of goodies
My little shrine of mementos 
My little brother, Ben, is soaring - literally! He recently attained his pilot's license at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he is currently a sophomore. He's also joined a fraternity, has made a group of amazing friends, and has an apartment that is completely swank. He's acing his courses, volunteering, flying, is a good boyfriend, a good brother, and a good son. I am so proud of him, it's kind of ridiculous.

So proud of my little brother! @benguttman can fly!!
Ben on a recent flight with my Mom
My older sister, Mari, is in her first year at Stanford Law School. That's right, she goes to Stanford, NBD. Though she was a bit nervous prior to starting her courses there, I can already tell she has transitioned into the life of a law student, and is doing well! I'm insanely proud of her for being accepted into one of the most prestigious programs in the country, for following her goals, and for doing everything in her power to succeed. Not to mention I will have free legal advice just a phone call away!

Wish I was at Stanford with Mari
A view of Mari's Stanford campus
My mom, Joan, bought a house in southern California and is fulfilling her dream of driving across the country in a camper! She leaves next Monday to begin her new life with her family of origin - and though I am grappling with having her move so far from me, I know she will be happy in her new digs. No more Chicago winters, just plenty of sunshine and beaches. Ya'll should follow her blog to get the inside scoop on her next adventure!

Mom's new digs
Mom's new digs
My dad, Robert, is also moving! He found the most darling place in the West Loop and if everything goes according to schedule, he will be moving mid-to-end of November. In addition to his big move, in the last few years my dad has successfully taken his company public, and foraged a strong path for the future of the company. He has no idea how much I look up to him - but I do. Way to go Dad!!

Oh you know, just reading about my dad in Crain's at work...
My Dad in Crain's earlier this year!
All in all, I'd say the last two years were very challenging for every single member of my family, but we wouldn't be where we are today had we not embraced and adapted to the challenges at hand. There are days when I just wish we could turn back the hands of time and all live under one roof, but it's nice knowing that I now have four different homes to choose from. It's a comfort knowing that in the near future I will have two lawyers and a pilot in the family, as well as a home near the surf and and a couch to crash on near San Francisco. My family has grown and changed in immeasurable ways, and I am so lucky to have each of these wonderful people in my life. Guttmans, you rock and I love you very much.


  1. Wow, your family is so driven! It's great to hear about how they're each doing something awesome - and it's also awesome to see that you're so supportive. What a lovely post :D

    1. Thanks Emma!! I really do feel to be ranking amongst some superstars. Everyone in my family is doing something special.

  2. your accomplishments aren't anything to sneeze at either, sandy! :)

    i <3 the guttmans 4 ever!

    1. ;) this post is all about the other Guttmans ;) <3333