14 November 2012

Thankful November 14: My Dad

Beer Robert

My dad and I have an interesting and ever-evolving relationship. He is currently my only family member residing in Chicago, and we have come to rely on each other in a new way out of this circumstance. He was the main supporter and motivator of my move in October. He was the one who figured out exactly what I needed to do when I lost my wallet. He was the one who came to my rescue when I needed a voice of reason back in March, and through dark times this summer. He has taken me to some of the most amazing restaurants (in the world!), and has singlehandedly educated me on why jazz is wonderful. He has exposed me to so much, ensured that I attained a good education, and that I was never wanting. He has always been a good provider. He is the only father I will really ever have, and I adore him more than he knows. 

I am grateful for my father.

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