20 November 2012

Thankful November 20: Anton At the DMV

Let me preface this post by saying that I was never one to make the brash statement "I hate the DMV." I never had any misgivings about waiting in long lines, about paperwork, about bureaucracy. Inefficiencies bother me, as do rude people, but I always try to walk into the DMV with good vibes and the knowledge that I will be walking out with everything I need taken care of.

That said - my Tuesday excursion to the DMV with my sister was an exercise in patience and a practice of good vibes. The Dalai Lama would have been in awe of the way we handled ourselves.

Mari's backpack was stolen from a downtown Starbuck's on Monday (don't even get me started on how upset this makes me), and Tuesday, though I was feeling sick and stayed home from work, we decided to devote to attaining a new form of identification for her. She is technically an Illinois resident, though she just moved to California, and all of her other forms of ID and proof of person are located in Cali. She is only here until Sunday, and needs an ID to board her return flight. All we had to prove that she is who she says she is, was her memorized social security number, a sob story, and tears to accompany.

Prior to arriving at the DMV, Mari made a series of phone calls asking the Secretary of State's Office if they ever make exceptions in rare cases like this when a backpack or wallet is stolen on a short visit. They said no, not really, that this situation sucks (yes they said sucks), and then they told her she should come and plead her case at their central offices. We walked in, waited in our first line, I made a reference to Beetlejuice, and then when we made it to the podium, were promptly told there was nothing to be done, that we were stuck, and then we were waived into a weird separate area for people in need of a supervisor ie a loophole. Anton, the supervisor, a young and handsome guy, far too young and handsome to be working in such a negative basement environment called us up, and after hearing Mari's story, immediately found a solution. We were instructed to go to her bank, and have her latest bank statement with a signature printed from their system. Upon our return, I was to sign a document as her witness that she is in fact my sister, Mari. My word and identification along with her bank statement were ample evidence that she is in fact her.

In the end, we found a very simple solution to the problem. We needed to rely on each other, as well as our patience to figure it out. We had some serious sister bonding, and actually walked out of the DMV feeling more upbeat about things. Had it not been for dear Anton, the shining beacon of hope at the DMV in the Thompson Center, we might not have had such a remarkable outcome. But we did it, she's back on the grid, and we are ecstatic!!

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