07 November 2012

Thankful November 7: My Dear Friend Lexie

Lexie and TLo

Because today is her 24th birthday. Because three weeks ago she celebrated her "one year anniversary with herself". Because she is educating our future leaders. Because she is incredibly funny. Because she always asks the right kind of questions. Because whales. Because she named her cat Kevin Furant. Because Kevin Furant has a twitter that periodically tweets at Kevin Durant. Because she mailed me twice this week. Because she gave me the best advice regarding my parents divorce. Because she gave me the best advice regarding my recent break-up. Because she is one of my best friends. Because today is her day, and everyday from here on out should be her day. Because I love her.

Lexie, I am so grateful to have you in my life. These are just a few of the reasons why, there are way to many to name. Thanks for commenting on my xanga all of those years ago, and choosing to come to Knox. Thanks for being one of the only people who kept in touch with me when I was studying abroad in Italy (I thought the world had forgotten about me). Thanks for being the best possible person you can be. Thanks for loaning me Tiny Beautiful Things, and turning me on to putting chocolate chips and blueberries in yogurt. Thanks for being a gracious hostess and fantastic friend. You are such a wonderful human!!! 

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  1. xoxoxoxox love you sandy panda!!!!! this really was the highlight of my day! :)