14 December 2012

This Weekend

- Judging a Departmental Cookie Bake-Off
- AIC Holiday Party
- West Loop Gallery Openings
- Possible Drinks & Snacks in the West Loop
- Baking Macaroons
- Volunteering at a Production of the Nutcracker
- Lady Xmas Bash
- Wings and Football Watching Lessons at Birdsnest Bar
- Laundry
- Making a Batch of the Joy of Cooking's Bolognese Sauce

Amendment to post (12/17/12): I accomplished EVERYTHING on my weekend to-do list. This might be a first. In addition, I managed to sweep and mop my floors, unpack a few more boxes, clean my entire kitchen, and bathroom. This weekend was EXCELLENT.

07 December 2012

This Weekend

- Nursing myself back to health
- Helping Mom pack
- Going to the Lyric Opera (for free)
- Furniture delivery from CB2/C&B
- Hanging art
- Hanukkah
- Potato pancakes at the Brauhaus
- Dinner at Davanti Enoteca
- Writing pen pals back!

01 December 2012

Richmond,VA // June 2012

Back in June, Adam, Brady, and I drove from Chicago to Richmond, VA for Barry's wedding. I've never done a drive this lengthy, nor have I been to a wedding so rich and beautiful and perfect in every fiber of every detail. This trip was one of those quick getaways that fell in the midst of a really strange year for me, but I'm grateful that I was able to spend the weekend with a group of wonderful likeminded people in the woods.

Between getting tons bug bites, eating a breakfast that the newlyweds whipped up for 15 or so hungry guests, hearing the wind in the trees at the cabin in Appomattox, eating really well, and watching my friends fire bb guns - I managed to snap some photos with my trusty old film camera.

The table setup Homebrew Sunset wedding reception Attraversiamo Barry and Adam Boys in the woods Brady and Barry In the morning light One of the many beds I've slept in