11 January 2013

2K13 Goals

My last post was moody & thoughtful, but now it's time for some real talk. Every January (and September, Jewish new year, I see you) I take the time to reevaluate and often over-challenge myself with my laundry list of things I plan to accomplish in the year to come. And every January (and September) that list is usually full of these lofty and somewhat arbitrary goals that I almost never accomplish in full, if at all. This past summer, I spent time relishing in the beauty of self-help books, something I never thought I would read, let alone enjoy enough to influence my life choices and I wound up making so decisions that have had an ongoing positive impact on my life over the last few months, enough for me to want to carry them into my new year.

So rather than put "take the GRE" on my list for the third year in a row, I've decided to just put things I know will enhance my life making me a happier person. I don't really feel like any of these needs much explaining, but I am happy to say this list feels pretty darn good to me.

- Make my bed every single day
- Floss
- Finish reading "Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography"
- Learn to pitch a tent
- Learn to start a fire
- Camp
- Learn to grill
- Learn to grow my own food
- Learn to properly cook eggplant
- Explore my new-ish neighborhood
- Take a class at SAIC
- Back-up my computer regularly
- Do more for myself
- Reference "Titanic", Katy Perry, and blink-182 less in conversation*
- Keep a journal
- Watch all of "Seinfeld"
- Volunteer
- Learn to ride a bicycle in Chicago
- Be the best possible pen pal

*this is for real.


  1. I just don't understand the Blink 182/Katy Perry/Titanic one!!! ;)

    Great list, Sandy Panda!!

  2. Great list! I think they are all totally doable. Good luck! I've been attemtping to keep a journal with little success, but isn't that what blogging is for? :)