04 January 2013

PQM: my favorite restaurant of 2012 (a guest post from Moriah)

Hi everybody. My name is Moriah. I am Sandy's friend. I used to have a blog that I posted all kinds of things on but I recently decided to tone down my internet persona for professional reasons. This left a bit of a void in my life though, to be honest. I really missed sharing my two cents with a (debatably) interested audience. Sandy was sweet enough to suggest that I do some guest blogging here on her site. How exciting! Today, as we begin 2013, I bring you my favorite restaurant of 2012.

Publican Quality Meats (PQM) opened in early 2012. Since then I have gone approximately once a week and sometimes as many as 2-3 times per week. I have done business lunches there, hosted an official work buy-out dinner, and had countless lunches with my dear friend Lizzie.

Here I am with Lizzie having lunch. She was having the Gyro, I was enjoying the roast beef. The food at PQM is fantastic: it's not overly done-up (one of my pet peeves that I recently remembered while dining at Little Goat), it's affordable ($10 sandwiches), and in addition the staff is super friendly. 

Here I am waiting for lunch over the summer. I had had a horrible couple of days because some ding-bat had broken up with me after we only dated for like 3 weeks. PQM was the perfect thing to lift my spirits. Sometimes you might be a little bit daunted by the gaggle of people who want to dine, you might worry that the wait will be too long. I wouldn't worry about that though--the turn around is quite fast and you can nosh on tasty things from the deli counter while you wait. 

On Tuesday nights during the summer PQM has Burger night. They have two different burgers and a bourbon special too. Since my 25th birthday fell on a Tuesday, it was perfect for a night out with Lizzie and Iz. 

Here is a beautiful charcuterie plate that our friend Chavie sent out to us while we were having lunch one day. And that brings me to the point I really want to make about PQM. Was it the best meal I had all year? No way--not in a long shot. PQM is my favorite restaurant of 2012 because I feel at home there. The staff have become my friends and it never feels like just going somewhere for lunch. It's personal you guys. Lizzie and I made friends with Chavie just from going in there so much. I recently saw Chavie out in Portland where he is now working at Olympic Provisions. I was able to tour the facility and make connections with the people there that are going to last for years. All because I met him at my beloved PQM.

This year for my Christmas gifts I made tiny charcuterie board ornaments to give to my friends and family. You had better believe that one of them went to my friends over at PQM. 

Thanks for letting me share my two cents here, Sandy!


  1. This place looks amazing - I'll definitely be trying it out next time I'm in Chicago!

    Also those charcuterie ornaments are MAYBE the cutest things I've ever seen. You should prooooobably open an etsy shop so I can buy one.

  2. Thanks Emma! Yep, PQM is the best, check it out ASAP. I am seriously considering your Etsy shop suggestion...

    1. Mo,

      This post was eloquent and funny! I love that you and I have yet to dine at PQM in one another's company, yet we've found a happy medium to discuss it over here on the blog. 2013, we will definitely dine together!!

      Thanks, and feel free to post more goodies here on Edie and Andy anytime!

  3. Take me take me take me when I come to Chicago!