22 February 2013

2/16 - 2/20

The last week and a half has been a really nice mix of running around like crazy, hanging out with a million friends, eating an absurd amount of Boiler Room pizza, day drinking, and being totally lazy. I had the foresight and patience to actually carry my camera around for a good portion of it, and even went the extra mile to edit my photos AND update my blog. Somebody give me a pat on the back, or at the very least a brownie for all the effort I'm putting into blogging at this exact moment.

That said, my life has taken a turn for the absolutely wonderful. I have made a handful (understatement) of new friends in the last few months, and I feel as though I am almost never in my apartment. The quiet moments I do have with myself are likely spent doing laundry, making a giant breakfast, perpetually washing dishes, and sobbing at every favorite character being killed off on Downton Abbey (mental health, it's real y'all). I have yet to finish hanging my art in my place, but I am done apologizing to myself for it. Things are coming along at a pace I enjoy, my freezer is fully stocked of amazing things I cooked and froze for my future self, I have an absurd selection of tea just for me, and I'm feeling truly blissful right now. Pinch me.

My Room
Breakfast Parks and Rec
Writing Letters
Moriah at PQM
Lunch PQM
Emma Marie Martin
French Toast for Breakfast
Big Star Midday Drunk
Chili Dinner for Two  
1 My studio bedroom // 2 Parks and Rec, Mexi brunch for one // 3 Writing a letter // 4 Moriah at PQM // 5 Artic char on toast and Bloody Mary's at PQM // 6 Clawed Meownet i.e. Emma Martin at New Wave // 7 French toast for breakfast // 8 Day drinking at Big Star // 9 Cornbread and chili dinner for two


  1. What hood are you in now? Your apartment looks like one I was looking @ in LS, owned by Petruso.

    1. I live in Lincoln Square around the intersection of Lincoln & Western, waddup McDonald's!

    2. I realized after I wrote that comment, that LS could be Logan Square or Lincoln Square...

  2. that Big Star server has been there since the beginning! I loved her necklace (she's wearing it in the picture) so much that I got the artist's name and ordered one for Maria! BIG pat on the back Dune!!!