10 February 2013


White Tulips Kitchen

As I'm regularly reminiscing about how busy my life has been as of late, it's always wonderful to reflect on the quiet moments that manifest. I'm rarely in my apartment in the afternoons, but when I happen to pop in on a weekend afternoon, it really is the most beautiful quiet place. My kitchen fills with gorgeous soft western light, the blinds and windows cast amazing shadows, and my third floor perch has me overlooking all of the quiet backyards for a block.

Moments like the one shown above remind me that I am so lucky to have a place to really make my own. Some of you might already know my sense of "homelessness" that came with quickly moving, the finalization of my parents' divorce, the renting of our family's house, and everyone in my family scattering - but putting the right amount of time, love, and elbow grease into my apartment has given me a sense of ownership and pride that has me practically skipping up the stairs to my front door.

More photos soon, I promise. And for all of my IRL friends, who's interested in a housewarming and some neighborhood drinks/karaoke?