06 March 2013

1) Longman and Eagle's Wild Boar Sloppy Joe

Wild Boar Sloppy Joe via Weezer Monkey
As I write this post to you, I am currently pulling a Hannah Horvath - stuffing my face with a cupcake while simultaneously blogging about food I already ate. But I live in a post-GIRLS universe in which one should never apologize for doing anything while thoughtlessly consuming a butter-coma-inducing cupcake, so here we are.

As I'd previously mentioned, my dad and I have embarked on the goofy task of trying to eat all 50 of the sandwiches on Chicago Mag's 50 Best Sandwiches in Chicago (2012 edition). The first sandwich we dove into was hardly a sandwich at all - more of a big ole plate of sweet and tangy mushy wild boar sloppy joe from Longman and Eagle. Full disclosure, I was nursing an awful hangover and being in a darkly candle lit bar watching my dad drink a craft beer was not exactly helping, but I will say that this sandwich helped to bring the roses back to my cheeks as I spoon-fed it to my mouth in a very baby-foodie manner. Did I love it? Not entirely. It was kind of hard to eat, and pretty damn messy. But having lived in Tuscany for a few months, I do love a good wild boar meat sauce, and this was definitely on par with some of the cinghale I ate while abroad. I also thought the sprinkling of fried onions and sage leaves were a really nice touch adding a crunchy texture that was much appreciated. Also: I love fries, and these ones were no exception to the rule. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I thought the fries, which were lovingly cooked in beef fat were even better than the sandwich itself!

That said, I think Longman and Eagle is a really great restaurant. We had an exceptional salad and a really beautiful scallop special that negated my feelings toward this sandwich. The interior was warm and cozy, and my dad only made a handful of slightly embarrassing jokes about being the oldest guy there and forgetting to wear his "hipster plaid shirt."

Final rating: I don't know if I would order this sandwich again, but I will say that I would love the recipe for the meat sauce to top on a big bowl of tagliatelle pasta.  I give this sandwich two stars (out of four) because it wasn't really a sandwich... but it did taste pretty good.

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  1. Longman & Eagle has delicious breakfast/brunch, as well. Their B+G is amazing.