06 March 2013

Hi, I'm Sandy, I'm 24, and I've Never Seen "Seinfeld"

My name is Sandy, I am 24, and I have never seen an episode of "Seinfeld".  Everyone in my life is completely shocked that I have made it this far without having ever watched an episode, so I've decided to embark on my journey through the show and will be "vlogging" my thoughts, opinions, and responses to this cultural staple. Here's to the laugh tracks, the awesome bass riffs, and any epiphanies I have along the way.


  1. hey total side point, but you need to wear that black-and-white striped shirt to the Picasso show and pretend like you are Picasso.

  2. Definitely have worn stripes both times I walked through the Picasso and Chicago exhibition. Have you seen it yet?