08 March 2013

Intl. Women's Day in .GIFs

It's Friday, it's International Women's Day, it's Women's Month, and it's the millennium of the .GIF. That said, I'm proud to be who I am, of a gender that I think is wonderful, worthwhile, groovy, and nothing less than stellar. Let's celebrate ourselves with Rookie crowns, song and dance, the never ending push for equality, and wonderful beautiful joyous .GIFs of some of my all-time favorite ladies, fictional AND real.


Miranda July // Lena Dunham // Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope // Katy Perry // Michelle Williams // Ellen Degeneres // FLOTUS Michelle Obama // Kristen Wiig // Taylor Swift // Connie Britton as Tami Taylor // Queen Bee // Tina Fey // Tavi // Shoshanna // Dame Maggie Smith // Hillary Clinton // Meryl Streep


  1. I think that this just took our friendship to the next level. Tavi? Taylor? Cousin Violet? Queen Bey? And everyone else in these gifs!?!


    1. These women get me through each and every day. Loves it.