04 March 2013

My Weekend, In A Nutshell

This past weekend was definitely entirely lazy in nature. I spent a bulk of it in bed catching up on sleep, reading blogs, finishing my book, and indulging in some unhealthy food decisions. Yes it is perfectly acceptable to eat Chinese food and hot dogs in the same day. The last week was a bit of a nightmare in the office, with the opening of the spring exhibition season came the neverending string of exhibition openings, lunches, dinners, galas and my existence of perpetually writing event bios for staff. I like to joke that I'm living in the "Bio-dome" but 1) no one understands that joke, and 2) it's not nearly as funny or glamorous.

That said, I'm so happy to have washed my hands clean of last week, and I am ready to take on today (March 4, obvi). My weekend, in a nutshell was everything I needed to recover and reenergize. Spent a bulk of it in really good company wandering around the West Loop, laughing and exploring.


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