15 March 2013

Virtual Moodboard

Inspired by my new main squeeze, Emma (love ya B), I decided to make my own "virtual moodboard" ie things that make me feel groovy and should be reflected on. In addition to my daily "three positives from today" document, I think reflecting out in the open on what's good with the world is immensely helpful in being a happy sane not P.O.ed sun seeking human. These last few weeks have had me feeling like a squirrelly squirmy squeem about all sorts things in life, namely this thing called "the future" and the demise of iGoogle and GoogleReader (BRB CRYING). But having ittle bitty things in my universe to cheer me up in the form of .gifs, projects I make for myself, and all sorts of delicious things I've snacked on has completely helped get me to the weekend. Thank you things in the universe that make me happy. Namely .gifs that make me laugh, enthralling New Yorker articles, hidden stashes of Christmas Oreos, reruns of SATC, birthday Rookie Crowns, karaoke, and gchat.

Here's some good things to propel me into the weekend.

1) How I feel about things regarding my future:

 2) Self explanatory.

3) This is my current favorite jam

4) Current food craving, baked potato, not sure why.

4) Last week's Stefon / spring break tips from SNL. I have watched this more times than I want to share.

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