30 April 2013

25th Birthday Bonanza

I am having a terrible time grasping the fact that today is the last day of April, bringing a conclusion to the epic time that I like to refer to as "Birthday Month" (you feel me, Emma). First and foremost, thank you to everyone who made me feel like an absolute goddess - you are all my heroes. Letting me have not one, but five birthday celebrations was a little bit too kind, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart (I see you Dad and Andrew).

To be blunt - 24 was a really strange year for me, but I feel as though I went out with a bang. In the last year so many crazy life changes have happened - every single person in my family is living somewhere new, I have made a handful of new fabulous friends, I have a new bro in my life, AND I learned to like football (thanks FNL). But seriously, 25, a new year, a new me. Let's do this.

As for my never-ending month of birthday festivities, here are some photos I snapped of the various things I did. Again, let me reiterate how completely spoiled I am by some wonderful people in my life. Thanks for the flowers, the treats, the trip, the lunches, the parties, the dinner, the Bulls game, the sushi, the beers, the presents, the karaoke, the laughter, and everything in between. You magical people know who you are, and I promise to make you feel just as special on your day/week/month.

Packed Bags birthday breakfast Bulls Game Bloody Mary Morning Sandy Warhol Andrew Lake Front Lexie Ben Karaoke
1) Packing for a surprise birthday trip to Milwaukee // 2) Birthday breakfast of fruit tart from Cafe Selmarie // 3) Post-sushi Bulls game with Andrew // 4) The best most intense Bloody Mary at the Wicked Hop // 5) Sandy Warhol // 6) Andrew at Lakefront Brewery before our epic tour // 7) Ben and Lexie singing "Jackson"

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    PS. I LOVE that I am in your life, Sandy! You are a queen.