23 April 2013

Bill Murray In "Lost In Translation"

SPOILER ALERT: I am kind of a klutz.

If you didn't already know that about me, then you probably haven't spent much time with me IRL. I have absolutely no center of gravity, my legs are perpetually covered in bruises, I am prone to spilling things, and I sometimes/always burn myself on something while cooking. But that said, I truly believe in letting your freak flag fly. Today in the land of public mortification, I did something truly terrible. Feeling sluggish, I took my lazy tired self to the gym way too early, hopped on the elliptical machine, turned on Katy Perry way too loud, then immediately got entangled in my headphones, fell off of the equipment, and broke the machine. That's right - the machine is currently out of order, and my headphones are what's jamming them up. I am awful. I just had to share with someone the absurdity that is me trying to get swoll'. And now, for the Bill. GVOY.

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