03 May 2013

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

Well, we made it to another weekend. After being teased with two days of perfect spring weather, we've been catapulted back into why-am-I-still-wearing-my-winter-coat mode. Beyond the irritating teeth chattering weather, I am pretty stoked for the weekend! Here are some neat things to catapult us into my two favorite days of the week!

The Great Gatsby // Baz Luhrmann

Baz Luhrmann's much anticipated remake of The Great Gatsby hits theaters a week from today. I have been waiting for this since basically the first time I saw Romeo + Juliet at the tender age of 9 and decided that LDC and Baz Luhrmann are a match made in heaven. This film looks gorgeous, decadent, dark, and tactile - and with good reason, they have been pushing the release date back for over a year! Next Friday can't come quickly enough, amirite? NPR leaked the soundtrack for the film, and it is seriously amazing. Give it a whirl!

Modern Vampires of the City // Vampire Weekend

I have no shame over how much I LOVE VAMPIRE WEEKEND. Their next album, Modern Vampires of the City drops on Tuesday. I'm planning on running to the record store during my lunch break to pick up my copy. Also, as a big you're welcome to me, they will be playing on SNL on May 11 (hosted by the golden girl herself, Kristen Wiig). Can't wait to listen and laugh! They've already leaked two music videos!

Roasted Garlic Guacamole // Simply Scratch

Unf, how good does that look? With Cinco de Mayo upon us, all I want to do is eat carnitas, refried beans, chips, and guacamole. This roasted garlic guac recipe from Simply Scratch looks and sounds divine.

Chicago Farmers Markets, Welcome Back!


Chicago Farmers markets are back in action beginning this weekend! Find one that works with your schedule here! And don't forget to shop for things as they are in season! I'm pretty stoked for asparagus, peas, and rhubarb!

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