22 May 2013

Gone Fishin': NYC 5/23-5/26

Hi lovelies,

Andrew and I will be in NYC from Thursday, May 23 - Sunday, May 26. Things will be quiet around the blog, but please know I am having an amazing time and will return with stories and photos! Our roster mainly revolves around all of the delicious foods and street pizza we will be eating (duh), but we do plan on the following things:

-MOMA / Rain Room
-The Met / Punk: Chaos to Couture
-Finally seeing the Highline
-Strand Bookstore
-A live performance of some sort (comedy/music)
-One major tourist attraction (I see you Empire State Building)
-Brooklyn Flea Market

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

1 comment :

  1. rain room!!!! SO JEALOUS!! Have a wonderful time!