22 May 2013

Green Thumbs Up

As declared in my 2013 Goals, one of the things I've been aching to try is growing my own food. I have a little deck space behind my studio, that gets a glorious amount of southwestern light in the afternoons. While I'd previously envisioned buying a plot in a community garden, I thought it best that I start small this year - by planting and owning my very first herb garden. I know it's not the haul of plump heirloom tomatoes I had initially planned on, but if I can properly consume and enjoy something I nurtured from my own garden, it counts as growing my own food.

Two weekends ago, I bought my first batch of herbs, planters, and soil from Home Depot and with Andrew's help I was able to install my first planter. The week quickly got away from me, and in a moment of "git-r-done" fidgeting over my project, I decided it best that I (wo)man up to using my power tools and install the second planter myself. Y'all have no idea how good it felt to roll up my metaphorical sleeves, feel the weight of that drill in my hand, and know that I was doing it for myself, by myself. All in all, I think things came along quite nicely!!

From Left to Right: Chives, Oregano, Parsley, Basil
From Left to Right: Basil, Dill, Thyme
Mint for Mojitos


  1. ohhhh I am so jealous of your little deck space! We have no such thing in our apartment and my poor plants hate me for it. You should post some follow ups so we can see what you use your herbs in!