01 May 2013

May Goals

I think the weather and the glorious amount of sunlight streaming into my apartment every morning has got me feeling excitingly motivated. I'm eating fresher more delicious foods, I'm packing more lunches, I'm buying less coffee, I'm trying to go to the gym more, I'm leaving my desk for lunch daily - heck I'm even trying to get into a yoga regimen (starting today).

In the spirit of new friends and a new month, I thought it'd be fun to try to create intentions and (reachable) goals at the start of each month. Here's what I have for the month of May.

1) Go to a yoga class once a week. 
I've been saying forever and ever that I would "get into yoga," and have not really made good on that promise. But in the fall of 2010, in a brief three-week period of funemployment, I went to yoga every single day. I remember feeling a sense of ease, a daily enjoyment of the hour I spent meditating, stretching, and focusing on my intentions, my breathing, my body, my self. Everything felt in sync. So to make things right, I went ahead and was fitted for contacts last week. Tonight I am going to my first yoga class of the month with, Moriah. Namaste.

2) Learn to ride a bicycle in the city.
It's warm out, I am tired of taking the 49 Western (ugh high school students), and the Wells Street bridge construction has got me banging my head against a wall at how outrageous my commute is. Everyone who's anyone (ie all of my friends) rides a bicycle, and swears that if you do it with caution and confidence, you won't die (can't say the same for getting doored). I've already been hit by a car as a mere pedestrian, and have terrible balance/ no center of gravity, but dear god what I wouldn't give to be on a bicycle on a beautiful day like today. This weekend I am taking a bike that was gifted to me out of storage, and by golly, I'm going to learn how to use it. Godspeed to me.


3) Plant some things on my back porch.
I have a little back porch fire escape, and I love fresh herbs. Not to mention I get an insane amount of southwestern light AND I think watering cans are cute. I'm hoping to get some overhanging planters installed and have some herbs in after Mother's Day. Who's interested in watering my plants while I'm in NYC 5/23-5/26?

And for those of you who are interested, FLW biography page count: 58/564


  1. LOVE. I can get down with all of these. Re: plants... I went on a date last night, and said date TOTALLY won me over by telling me how easy it is to grow fresh mint in mason jars. Awwww....

    1. You must regale me with tales of said date AND of how to grow mint in mason jars. Love love love this.