13 May 2013

Plant Life

I recently heard that you aren't supposed to plant your summer crop until after Mother's Day, which is part of why I waited until yesterday to get my garden going - or dare I say, growing... After a delightful family brunch in Chinatown, Ben, Andrew, and I headed to our favorite spot for Depot Dogs and all things home & garden relate: Home Depot. We buzzed through the greenhouse picking up herbs, planters, and soil as well as some little succulents and cacti. I walked out with a quite a haul; two kinds of mint, basil, dill, and thyme, as well as some cute houseplants to spruce up my space. I've already installed half of my herbs in overhanging planters on my back deck, and I'm beginning to plot the many cocktails and salad dressings I will be sourcing from my deck garden! Another May goal has been realized!

Potting and repotting plants with @benguttman !!!


  1. Ahh, I love the classic window view of a Chicago alley. I have a view much like this one.

    1. Aren't we neighbors of some sort?? You live on the northside too, right?