23 May 2013

Spring Risotto


When I first moved out of my parent's house, I ate a lot of grilled cheese, BLTs, and mac n' cheese because they were not only major comfort foods, but they were also cheap and easy. For obvious reasons, those three dishes aren't exactly part of a balanced diet (though they are delicious). After getting into a routine at my "big girl apartment" I quickly began bookmarking recipes I wanted to try, and in the past year, I've created a binder (roll your eyes, yes) full of my favorite dishes and staples of my diet. One of my favorite dishes is risotto, also known as "grown up mac n' cheese." After fishing around for a good risotto recipe, I landed upon Wolfgang Puck's Vegetable Risotto (pictured above) which I have made countless times in several variations. 

I've tinkered with the recipe a bit to meet my needs, but honestly, it's really straightforward and always delicious. I whipped up a batch on Sunday in anticipation of Andrew's return from a man-camping trip in the UP. Spoiler alert: the way to a man's heart is a big bowl of risotto + a bottle of chilled white wine + a cheese platter for snacking + seeing Iron Man 3 at the Davis. 

Bonus: Using homemade chicken broth makes everything taste so much better!

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