20 May 2013


My alma mater's motto was simply the word - Veritas - or truth. We hinged ourselves on the pursuit of truth and on living our lives both academic and personal on the basis of honesty. The last week has proven a lot of truths for me, it shook me to the core, then released me into the world feeling determined, new, refreshed, and ready.

In short, a close friend, colleague, and mentor passed away suddenly on Tuesday. I won't go into detail, but I want to be clear that it was a beautiful life ended too soon. She was and is an amazing, strong, intelligent, understanding, inspiration - an important figure and role model to me, and she will never be replaced.

While the news was sudden and extremely difficult to bear, I took the last week as an opportunity for reflection and evaluation. I've realized a lot of things about myself, professionally and personally, especially with regard to my goals and my future. While I do enjoy the idea of myself being the kind of woman I currently am (re: strong, skilled, witty, independent, smart, hard working, etc.), I know I have so much work ahead of me. I've decided it's time I get my ducks in a row, and face some truths regarding myself and the life I want to live.

The veritas of it all is that it's time for me to be my own mover and shaker. That there are imminent truths that will always be with us: we all live, and we all die. But how we live our lives is what is of the utmost importance. I want to live my life in the best possible way, be the best possible me. I want to stop taking everything for granted. I want to acknowledge how lucky I have been thus far, and be thankful for everyday I have here.

This past week I realized the following truths:

1) I am capable of using power tools.
2) I am capable of planting a garden.
3) I am capable of having an adult conversation with my parents.
4) I am capable of asking for help when I need it.
5) Being outside in the sun has incredible healing powers.
6) Tell people how you feel about them when you feel it, you may not have another chance.
7) Most things are not worth being angry about. Resolve conflict in an appropriate and timely manner.
8) I have very little complaints.
9) I need to take the GRE, and am actively working on it.
10) I need to go back to school, for me.


  1. This entry made me tear up a little bit. I am so sorry you had to go through that last week, but I am glad I got to see you and hug you again. <3

    1. It was like a breath of fresh air to see you after such a crazy week. Thanks for dropping by with your big smile and good attitude! I'm going to miss our proximity to one another, I hope you know that.

  2. Girlfriend, I've been thinking about you all week. Lawrence filled me in the day it happened, and Emma kept me updated on you. So sad that you lost a mentor and friend, but you are SUCH a baller and I know you'll live out your veritas. <3<3<3

    1. Thanks for the love and <3s. Last week was scary and difficult and full or heartbreak, but the only direction move is forward. You are too kind to be thinking of me.