10 May 2013

When You Got Nothing, You Got Nothing to Lose


The much anticipated Gatsby has hit theaters today, and I am elated. Yes, I am going to stare up at Leonardo DiCaprio's beautiful face and bask in the glory of it. In fact, I'm tempted to attend one of the midnight screenings of Romeo + Juliet at the Music Box either tonight or tomorrow.

And now for a confession: I'm such an LDC fan girl that I signed up for Greenpeace in college (with mom & dad's credit card...) to support Leo's environmentalist streak! Also, I keep a paperback biography of him in a very special place for light reading, my bathroom. Leo is through and through my all time favorite actor. To celebrate him and the magic he has created in my universe, I'd like to share with you a beautiful compilation of LDC .gifs. You're welcome.

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