28 June 2013

This Weekend

Me on the Holiday Inn Float // Pride Parade 2K10
- Blackhawks celebratory parade in the Loop
- Drive to Grand Rapids // Concert // Yesterdog
- Wedding outside of Detroit
- Dancing // Skinny dipping??
- Return to Chicago // GAY PRIDE PARADE
- Install AC
- Laundry
- Grocery shopping

27 June 2013

Modern Vampires of the City

This week has been totally just insanely intense. It's the end of fiscal year in our sector in addition to the beginning of the summer exhibition season so things are inexcusably intense around the office. In all honesty, I haven't taken a real substantial lunch break in something like three weeks but holy cow, after June 30th things will return to normalcy. My apologies for the lack of blogging to all of you who read this, and my second round of apologies for all of your IRL friends who have been tolerating my new levels of crazy. You all are superb for sticking by me through thick and thin.

Now, with all that off of my chest, it is my turn to state (though it's already been stated by everyone ever) that the latest Vampire Weekend record is the tits. I have listened to it on repeat since it was released on May 14th, and dear god what pleasure does it give me to hear my boyfriend with impeccable musical taste step off of his high horse and say that he "actually likes this album."

Hannah Hunt is by far my favorite track, it reminds me of the Walkmen's Canadian Girl for it's hushed drumming and quiet soulful singing. It makes me want to pack up a small suitcase, grab a friend by the hand, leave our phones behind, and just disappear. Is it weird that when I listen to it, I can actually smell a wood fire and hear wind blowing through the trees? But beyond the glory of Hannah Hunt, throughout the album there are weird and insightful recorded monologues, plenty of rich Baroque piano ditties, catchy riffs, all of the pretension and art/history references one would expect, and a lot of tracks that sound like hit singles. This record in particular feels as though Rostam had a much more prominent role in the production and songwriting mechanisms. Moments in the harmonies and piano playing are reminiscent of Discovery, one of Rostam's side projects, and I was glad to hear it. From start to finish, the record feels complete. It sounds like it was done with purpose and an attention to detail that was vacant from their two previous LPs. Loads of reviews of Modern Vampires of the City are deeming this record "mature" but really, I think it's a Vampire Weekend fully realizing their sound and style. Musically speaking, these boys have become men. And I can't get enough of them.

I just peeped their vid for Diane Young, and can I just say that it is about damn time a band released a video on par in weirdness and confetti usage akin to Elephant Gun? For your viewing pleasure, and please go ahead and accept this as your official 2K13 summer jam:

25 June 2013


Chicago Blackhawks #FTW // Stanley Cup 2K13


I'm not one to run through the streets screaming, jumping on cars, with my shirt off, but watching the winning goals scored within a few seconds of one another in a crowded Buffalo Wild Wings was pretty exhilarating. Way to go boys, two cups in four years, now that's nothing to mess with! Notice the Art Institute lions sporting their Blackhawks helmets? Pretty neat working at a place that loves Chicago sports as much as it loves art.

21 June 2013

French Friday

Today has officially arrived! It's hard to believe the last six weeks of hard work are all coming together with the lenders dinner, pinning ceremony, and exhibition preview of Fashion, Impressionism, and Modernity. To celebrate, I give you some French inspired .gifs. Bon appetit!

This last .gif is basically what I'm going to be doing tonight. Running around the museum, through the exhibition, making sure all of my lovely guests are happy and satisfied. Wish me luck!

20 June 2013

19 June 2013

Feeling French

Dress: Anthropologie // Shoes: Lotte from Sweden clogs

I am in French mode! For the last month and a half, I've been helping to plan a major VIP exhibition preview and dinner for the lenders and scholars who have contributed toward the upcoming Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity show (opening next week!). This Friday is my big night, with my event going live! Today's outfit was somewhat subconsciously put together with all things French on the brain. I've been told I look like I'm ready for a picnic, and lord ain't that the truth! After this week I am taking a much needed day of R&R - you can find me at the beach on Monday for real. To get me through this week, I treated myself to a no-chip manicure last night. Worth it considering I'm working four events and attending a wedding in the next week!

But for now... back to work. Wish me luck on Friday! I will hopefully be posting some photos of my event later on in the week. Ask me what I'm wearing, nevermind, it's a little black dress.

18 June 2013

Bob Benson Holding Cups of Coffee

Even though the cat's "out" of the bag regarding Bob Benson, I'm still not 100% convinced of anything. All I know is that this dude loves coffee and likes sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. I still think he's a spy of some sort. What are your theories regarding old Bob B? And now without further ado, here are plenty of .gifs and photos of him holding his signature blue cup of coffee.

16 June 2013

Broke Book Club First Meeting // Gone Girl

Welp, we did it! We really started book club. Our first meeting was this past Tuesday after work. The lovely Stephanie and Carmen graciously hosted our inaugural meeting at their adorable apartment in Logan Square (note: it's above vintage shop!!). There was homemade pie, plenty of wine, chips and guac, and a group of friendly faces eager to discuss our first book, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

The conversation was steady and easy - with many great points made. I particularly liked how we all agreed that the characters were deplorable and utterly unlikeable. I also liked when Stephanie read a passage about the way in which media has changed the way we experience the world, how nothing seems as good in real life as it does in photographs, or how things have already been recorded and packaged for us in a way that makes them seem disappointing as we experience them in real life.

Additionally, we spent a good chunk of the evening discussing how this book is a piece of pop culture created entirely in response to the Recession - "post-Recession pop lit" I've deemed it. The presence of the dead mall, the fact that both main characters lost their jobs in 2010, and how so many people in the book are underwater financially make the plot move forward in a way that wouldn't be possible had the Recession not happened. I for one enjoy taking in fiction based on the reality in which I'm currently experiencing (see: Bridesmaids, and HBO's GIRLS), and I felt that this book addressed the plight that we are enduring with grace and subtly. In truth, I couldn't put this book down, but Ms. Flynn ain't no JD Salinger. The ending was a disappointment, it felt cut short - as in total cop out. But, I do suggest reading this, it is a fun enthralling quick read.

In conclusion, we liked this book though we didn't love it. We think unpaid internships are the worst. We tended to stray from the book discussion to talking about rodents and work. But overall, I think this book club was a complete success! We are tentatively meeting for a picnic discussion on the evening of July 15th at Millennium Park. We are reading A Visit from the Goon Squad, and will be seeing a free concert in the park following our discussion. Let me know if you are interested in coming.

07 June 2013

This Weekend

- Make famous spinach dip
- Make guacamole
- Make hummus
- Bake cupcakes
- Birthday party for Jackie
- More rhubarb syrup
- Major tidying up of apartment
- Read more of "A Visit from the Goon Squad"
- Brainstorm talking points for Book Club
- Jog in my neighborhood
- S2E1 of Seinfeld for the vlog

03 June 2013

Rhubarb Syrup

Rhubarb syrup with produce from today's farmers market! Finished product!

Technically speaking, rhubarb season came and went, though they're still selling stalks at the farmers markets in Chicago. Having formally come to a close at the end of May, I've been trying to consume rhubarb in as many forms as possible. Last week I made a winning strawberry rhubarb crumble for a Memorial Day BBQ, and this past weekend, I whipped up a deep red rhubarb syrup for enjoyment in summer cocktails. Andrew and I both agree that rhubarb is completely underrated and underutilized, which is why I felt the need to simmer down this lovely syrup for use all summer long.

Making the syrup was easy. I chopped up the rhubarb, and combined with a cup of water and a cup of white granulated sugar. Put said ingredients in a sauce pan, bring to a simmer, and let bubble till the sticky consistency you want is reached. I had mine over a flame for about 30 minutes. The hardest part was straining the mixture through a fine mesh strainer, but it was totally worth it.

In addition to rhubarb syrup, I also made a jar of peach syrup with some peaches that were heading south fast. Y'all should start doing this too! Makes the house smell great, it's incredibly easy, and you can pretend you're an expert mixologist. I'm thinking of making a batch or two of syrups for Father's Day which is around the corner!