16 June 2013

Broke Book Club First Meeting // Gone Girl

Welp, we did it! We really started book club. Our first meeting was this past Tuesday after work. The lovely Stephanie and Carmen graciously hosted our inaugural meeting at their adorable apartment in Logan Square (note: it's above vintage shop!!). There was homemade pie, plenty of wine, chips and guac, and a group of friendly faces eager to discuss our first book, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

The conversation was steady and easy - with many great points made. I particularly liked how we all agreed that the characters were deplorable and utterly unlikeable. I also liked when Stephanie read a passage about the way in which media has changed the way we experience the world, how nothing seems as good in real life as it does in photographs, or how things have already been recorded and packaged for us in a way that makes them seem disappointing as we experience them in real life.

Additionally, we spent a good chunk of the evening discussing how this book is a piece of pop culture created entirely in response to the Recession - "post-Recession pop lit" I've deemed it. The presence of the dead mall, the fact that both main characters lost their jobs in 2010, and how so many people in the book are underwater financially make the plot move forward in a way that wouldn't be possible had the Recession not happened. I for one enjoy taking in fiction based on the reality in which I'm currently experiencing (see: Bridesmaids, and HBO's GIRLS), and I felt that this book addressed the plight that we are enduring with grace and subtly. In truth, I couldn't put this book down, but Ms. Flynn ain't no JD Salinger. The ending was a disappointment, it felt cut short - as in total cop out. But, I do suggest reading this, it is a fun enthralling quick read.

In conclusion, we liked this book though we didn't love it. We think unpaid internships are the worst. We tended to stray from the book discussion to talking about rodents and work. But overall, I think this book club was a complete success! We are tentatively meeting for a picnic discussion on the evening of July 15th at Millennium Park. We are reading A Visit from the Goon Squad, and will be seeing a free concert in the park following our discussion. Let me know if you are interested in coming.

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