30 July 2013

Reblog: Side Dish

My inspirational, beautiful, cat-loving, cat-painting friend Emma took it upon herself to create a wonderful and meaningful project inspired in part by Rookie Mag. The project: Side Dish Mag. The challenge: to create posts in whatever form (.GIF, photo essay, word essay, word vom, vlog) in response to a pre-selected theme. July's theme was "America" duh, and my photo essay titled "I Want to Go to There" was published today. It's composed of photo collages I created of some of the places in America I have always wanted to visit. I've been trying to continually update my mood board as a way of willing things I want/need to happen - if I will it, then it will be. So this is me willing myself to the top of the Empire State Building, to Prada Marfa, to Mount Rushmore, and to Voodoo Doughnut.

If you're interested in participating in Side Dish, submissions are ALWAYS welcome, and definitely loved. August's theme is "Fix", have fun kiddies.

26 July 2013

This Weekend

- GRE prep homework (Math II)
- Attacking one of my closets in an effort to get rid of things
- Baking a special boy his birthday cake
- Wicker Park Fest
- Eating kale
- Catching up on blogging
- Orange Is the New Black binge

02 July 2013

Top Six Picks: June 2013

By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin
Image via Fire Wire Blog
Andrew has totally turned me on to listening to comedy podcasts. After some reluctance on my part, I'm fully addicted. In the last two months I've been listening to Comedy Bang Bang and How Did this Get Made?, but my all-time favorite is By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin. He brings on some of the most interesting people (re: Matt Weiner, Zack Galifianakis, Larry David) and has the funniest, weirdest, tangential conversations with them. The first episode I heard was an hour of him praising Lena Dunham for her incredible work (at such a young age) and from there, I was a convert. If you have the time, I highly suggest giving the Lena interview a whirl.

Logan Square Farmers Market
Image via Chicago Reader
Farmers market season is in full swing, and I feel truly lucky to be spending most of my Sundays perusing the stalls at the Logan Square Farmers Market. Good food, good people, good vibes, and plenty of goodies to whip up the most lovely brunches ever... I don't even feel guilty about not spending my Sundays eating at the bar at Lula Cafe. Not to mention the most perfect menagerie of babies and dogs for me to melt over. Strawberries are currently my favorite thing to pick up at the market - I am addicted.

Lotta from Sweden Peep Toe Clogs
Image via Lotta from Sweden
Confession: These clogs are a complete pain in the neck to break in (blister city) but I am obsessed with them regardless. I've really been on a "blue shoe" kick and kept teeter-totting between ordering a pair of Dansko clogs or a pair of straight up wood & leather clogs and stumbled upon this pair of Lotta from Sweden sandals that are gorgeous, chic, and not too clunky. Lexie turned me on to this brand. For those of you perpetually lusting after Swedish Hasbeens, Lotta from Sweden has great sales, ships quickly, and is basically the same product at a fraction of the price.

Mezzi Rigatoni with a Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce
Image via Spoon Fork Bacon
In an effort to "learn more about mushrooms" i.e. cook with more mushrooms always all the time because I love mushrooms, I bookmarked this recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon and finally had the perfect opportunity to try it. I loaded up on an absurd amount of oyster, cremini, and shitake mushrooms from Mariano's (all-time fave Chicago chain) and Andrew and I spent the better part of an hour cleaning, chopping, and sautéing a massive quantity of mushrooms for this amazing sauce.We doubled the recipe and wound up feeding a table of four enough for dinner AND lunch the next day. Y'all have got to try this one. It's easy and delicious. Also, I think making the sauce in advance and freezing is totally doable.

Just for Laughs Chicago
Image via Just For Laughs Chicago
Since meeting Andrew, he's taken me to a handful of really great standup comedy and improv acts around the city and I am totally smitten. I love to laugh. He loves to laugh. We both love to laugh, and we love laughing together. I've never gone to any Just For Laughs events before, but we had the privilege of attending David Cross and His Super Duper Pals at the Chicago Theater (THANKS MOM)  last month, and it was such a fun night. We also went to a smaller scale show at Stage 773 that was an absolute blast. I want more of this, all the time.

The Blackhawks // Stanley Cup Victory
Image via the Daily Chronicle
Dudes missing teeth, bleeding from their faces, fighting encouraged, graceful ice skating, and all the weird rules you can dream up - hockey is totally weird and crazy, and I think I love it. This season has been a whirlwind for the Blackhawks! Way to go. Now lets get back to being a normal city without all the amateur hour street drinking, shall we?