30 July 2013

Reblog: Side Dish

My inspirational, beautiful, cat-loving, cat-painting friend Emma took it upon herself to create a wonderful and meaningful project inspired in part by Rookie Mag. The project: Side Dish Mag. The challenge: to create posts in whatever form (.GIF, photo essay, word essay, word vom, vlog) in response to a pre-selected theme. July's theme was "America" duh, and my photo essay titled "I Want to Go to There" was published today. It's composed of photo collages I created of some of the places in America I have always wanted to visit. I've been trying to continually update my mood board as a way of willing things I want/need to happen - if I will it, then it will be. So this is me willing myself to the top of the Empire State Building, to Prada Marfa, to Mount Rushmore, and to Voodoo Doughnut.

If you're interested in participating in Side Dish, submissions are ALWAYS welcome, and definitely loved. August's theme is "Fix", have fun kiddies.

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