30 August 2013

This Weekend

- Visiting an apartment in Palmer Square tonight
- Drinks to celebrate my LAST DAY at the Art Institute
- Driving to Harbert, MI
- Beach time
- BBQing
- Walking along the lake
- Catching up on sleep
- Reading more of 'Inferno'


29 August 2013

I'm On Side Dish Today!

Hi all, just popping in to let you know a post I wrote for Side Dish revealing all of my kitchen secrets was published today! Please read, learn, and share!

28 August 2013

Putting the 'Gut' in Guttman

Gasp, did I really just publish my *real* last name on my blog?? Why yes, I did! Because I wanted to go on the record as being 100% my true self in this post. The last 6 months have been a blur for me. Winter bled into spring, which then inevitably blossomed into summer, and now here we are, days away from September. The air is starting to turn crisp, and I am gearing up for a world of change.

In the last month things have really fallen into place for me. This coming Friday will be my last day as an Art Institute employee, and I am both nervous and excited for my departure. I've been here for just over three years, my final year being a rollercoaster of sorts. But it cannot go without saying that this place has fostered an immense amount of growth both personally and professionally, and for that I will always be grateful.

When it came time for me to decide to leave, I knew that I had to be brave. That I had to put the proverbial 'gut' in Guttman. I knew that it wouldn't be easy, that I would be saying goodbye to a lot of good people, and giving up the pleasure and privilege of working with a collection of art that I love. But I know that this is my time for advancement, that it is time for a change. And I am leaving the museum amicably - I can always return with arms outstretched.

To those of you who have told me you were proud of me over the years, thank you.
To those of you who have visited me at work, and requested a tour, thank you.
To those of you who encouraged me to seek what makes me happiest, thank you.
And to those of you who have graciously supported me during this time of transition, thank you.

I will be updating you with posts about my *new job* once it begins, but until then, please enjoy some of my favorite memories from working at the Art Institute.

Mad Men Day with my fellow Museum Education interns
Regram from @jen_oatess : me hanging out in Packing with a very famous painting.
Visiting Packing to meet the rockstars of the museum
Wining and dining with Chagall and Picasso
Eating dinner in the Chicago Gallery
Seeing our Lions donned with the Blackhawks helmets not once, but twice!
Just me, and Bille Holiday
Being in the galleries before and after hours
Had a fantastic last class and crit yesterday night!
Taking a drawing class at the School for free
Giving a tour to students for the first time
Be still my heart. Pretty sure the stained glass in Fullerton hall is speaking to me.
All-staff meetings in Fullerton Hall
AIC Lexie and Kelsey
Giving tours to my friends
terzo piano portrait
Eating at Terzo Piano (at a discount!)
The night they projected the Warhol film "Empire" onto another building in the Loop

27 August 2013

In Response to Miley Things

Thank you, Internet. You almost never disappoint.

23 August 2013

This Weekend

I'm going to a wedding in Madison, WI this weekend. It's the third and final wedding of the summer for me. My favorite part of weddings (besides crying in front of strangers and dancing to "Shout") is guessing what kind of cake is hidden behind the frosting. I always hope and pray, crossing all of my appendages, for chocolate cake. Do y'all have any preferences??

And now on to my weekend plans:

- Visiting and apartment in Uki Village tonight
- Dropping in on Emma at her first night as a bouncer extraordinare
- Going to Madison, WI for aforementioned wedding
- Brunching in Madison based on some of Moriah's amazing recommendations
- Paying my bills
- Writing a practice essay for my GRE prep class
- Sweeping my floors
- Making a list of things I want to do in the next month before I move! 
- Stocking my fridge

21 August 2013

Summer Roll

Just had a roll of photographs from this summer developed. Holy cow, I forgot how much I love my camera. I don't think there's a single "bad" image from this roll, and I don't even think I was trying to take beautiful colorful photographs. But damn, for your viewing pleasure...

That time we rented a pontoon in Wisconsin
That time everyone but me tried the rope swing
That time I slept outside and it was gorgeous waking up to this
That time I still had a lot of hair and we ate hot dogs for breakfast
That time Nick and I looked for apartments and ate at Parson's
That time I went into the woods with Andrew and his dog Sammy
That time the water was way too cold

13 August 2013

Happy Birthday Leandra!

Leandra, so glad you are my friend even though we have lived far away the entire time we have known each other. I love and value you to pieces. I hope today is special and important, pregnant with possibility and happiness. You deserve all of the joy and glitter in the world.

Miss you, hope to see you soon! XOXO

12 August 2013

Be Your Own Beyonce

In a somewhat impulsive moment on a dragging Friday afternoon, after one of the most trying weeks of my life, I cut all of my hair off. I'd been toying with the idea, casually in my brain for weeks but didn't actually think I would do it. Yes, I can bookmark photos of Carrie Mulligan and Winona Ryder a la "Girl Interrupted" as much as I want, but at the end of the day, I have to be my own Beyonce. Which means, I have to pinch myself, decide I'm getting a pixie cut, and surrender myself and my trust to the shears of another. I have to know that I am fierce and fabulous, I am strong and independent, and that I will look beautiful regardless of what's on my head. All it takes is confidence. And if this doesn't sound like one big metaphor for my life, then I guess I'm not doing a good job of describing how important this decision was for me.

Photo cred Emma Martin, who called and pretended to be me to make this appointment happen.
Sea change is coming, you better believe it. But the change for me is coming from within. I'm working on building up a thicker skin, being honest with myself (especially my needs), and laying foundations for my future. Which means waking up at 5:45, going for jogs even if it's raining, eating all of the food in my pantry even though I want to try that new restaurant, interviewing my friends about culinary art school, applying to grad school, moving, and kicking my job/future/school/career search into full gear. And lets be real - the extra 15 minutes I've given myself that could be spent drying and straightening my hair are going to have a major impact in the long run, I already feel it.


09 August 2013

This Weekend

This last week has been very trying for me. Between Andrew and I taking some space, having three different possibly-career-changing interviews, visiting potential apartments, taking a practice GRE test, and the FOMO from Lollapalooza, I'm surprised I survived. There were more tears than I care to count, lots of blubbering and wondering about my self-worth, and revaluatimg my needs, but I feel like I've reached a place of solace, at least for the time being.

I sat down and brainstormed some realistic, attainable goals that apply to me and my happiness. I'm going to be spending more time at my apartment, until moving day (10/1). I'm going to be pushing myself to get out of bed earlier, and work out for at least 25 minutes a day. I'm motivating myself to study harder for the GRE - starting with flash cards and being more on top of the homework assignments. I'm reading more. I'm making myself eat breakfast. And I'm packing my lunches / bringing my own coffee from home every day. I'm also rekindling old friendships and looking to have simple carefree (less-alcohol related) hangouts. If you're interested, find me.

The little things that make my life easier and more wholesome are things I am in control of. I need to take better care of myself, and I have been neglecting to do so. I've been partying, going out, staying up late, binge-watching things, and eating an ungodly amount of hot dogs. This week has been about rejuvenation, rest, and bubble baths. This weekend marks the beginning of a new week, and maybe even a new era.

Here's what's on the docket:

- Trying Dillman's
- Making these popsicles
- Reading more of Kitchen Confidential
- Making GRE math prep flashcards
- Day II and Day III of Couch 2 5K

And on that note:

Top Six Picks: July 2013

Kale / Five Leaves Black Kale Salad
Black Kale Salad photo via Maison Des Reveries
I know, kale. How is that one of my "Top Six Picks"? Well, I wasn't a big kale-face-stuffer until very recently, and now I can't get enough of the stuff. Normally, I'd saute it in healthy delicious things like butter / olive oil / bacon fat and then add in garlic, onion, what have you. But then Nick (future roomie shoutout) taught me a trick for eating kale raw and taking the bitterness out of it... you massage the kale with avocado - coating it in delicious healthy fats, keeping your hands soft, and making for such a good healthy RAW VEGAN salad. I like to squeeze sriacha in mine, as well as throw lemon juice and maybe tomatoes and corn, but the toppings are up to you. In the midst of my kale kick, Andrew and I dined at Five Leaves in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY - they have a black kale salad that is a take on a caesar and it is to die for. Highly suggest!

The Bling Ring

Sophia Coppola's latest venture was tactile, fresh, and innovative. A film about what it is to be an outsider in a world based on class, status, wealth, and gorgeous material goods set in the mecca of all of these things, Los Angeles. Nearly everyone I know who saw this really didn't care for it, but I adored it. The quiet moments without sound were typical and beautiful of previous S.Coppola productions. The textures, glossiness, and richness of the objects profiled made the material wealth one of the leading characters of the film. And while I know the movie didn't have a serious message or a base of enriching content, it was a film that was carried by women and a gay man. Having watched and loved Spring Breakers, and having had time to reflect on this moment in television/film/pop culture, I think it is exciting and refreshing to see often marginalized demographics coming to the forefront, playing leading roles based on strength and power. Love love loved, this movie.

Knife Skills Class at the Chopping Block

Knife skillz class, more like life skills, amirite?? 
For Andrew's birthday I signed us up for a knife skills class at the Chopping Block in Lincoln Square. The class was two-and-a-half hours long, and totally rocked my world. The chef lectured us on the do's and dont's of how to hold a knife, how to cut in different styles, and how to properly purchase a knife that you will use and love. He demystified knives as whole, and after talking and talking, we actually spent an hour chopping and dicing a variety of veggies which we then brought home for future-soup! I highly suggest y'all look into a class of this nature, you will be cutting like a pro in no time.

Orange Is the New Black

Image via the Huffington Post
I watched OITNB in five days. I binge watched the living pulp out of this show because it was so clever, well-written, interesting, and dare I say it... perfect? Finally a prison show for woman! A show about strong interesting flawed beautiful women from all different backgrounds and socioeconomic areas. Finally trans actors making their ways to staring rolls on TV. Laura Prepon is a goddess, this show is gorgeous and gritty. Also, Emily Nussbaum loves it, so naturally, I love it. Stream it now.

Parson's Chicken and Fish / Negroni Slushy

Negroni slushie was basically invented for me and my day off. 
Two words, five syllables: Negroni Slushy.

Side Dish Mag

The lovely, beautiful, ambitious Emma Marie spearheaded the creation of Side Dish Mag which unveiled in June. The idea for it was to have a sort of Rookie Mag for 20-somethings, written for us by us (FUBU). Each month is a theme, and a handful of folks submit a response to the theme (essay, photoessay, .gifs, etc.). I've contributed to June and July, and let me say that having a deadline and a project has actually motivated me to create more - whether it's cooking, blogging, jogging, or just being outside. Side Dish RULES and is bringing wisdom, truth, and humor to a world that can never have enough of those things. I love you Emma, thanks for starting something real.

05 August 2013


Yesterday, between visiting several cute apartments, the lovely Nick and I popped into Parson's for midday drinks, fried food, and some serious talk about FOMO. FOMO? What's that you ask? Nick weaved the phrase so seamlessly into conversation, that I found myself nodding and agreeing with whatever he was saying, though I had no idea what it meant.

FOMO // Fear of missing out

FOMO is real, and was definitely in full force this weekend. Everyone went to Lollapalooza, everyone but me (and Nick, and Emma, so and not everyone...) But it felt like everyone was there seeing my favorite bands, while I was left to my own devices (re: taking four hour long practice GRE exams). But the truth is, while FOMO is real and annoying and occasionally hurtful, it can be dealt with in great positive ways. In an effort to not be bummed out and pissed off all weekend long, I busied myself with some real good activities striking the perfect balance between me time AND friend time. Is this was being a strong, independent, woman is all about??

  • On Friday I embraced my not-so-secret-inner-Jewess and went to the synagogue with my father and his charming friend, D. But prior to attending the service, we had delicious tapas style Italian food at Bar Ombra One word, three syllables: negroni. We drank delicious negronis and ate delicious snacks, and in the end, going to synagogue was easy. Sort of.
  • Saturday morning I woke up in a real funk. Like down and out summer blues. To shake the glum from my bones, I decided to do a whirlwind cleanup of my bathroom. I threw away pounds of old makeup and cosmetics, cleaned out my medicine cabinet, and scrubbed every surface. It was worth it.
  • In the afternoon, I ate panzanella, took a four hour exam, and did laundry all at the same time. It was only mildly painful. But hey, my scores went up! THX Kaplan.
  • That night, I met up with Jackie at Lula and had one of those *pinch me* moments where I realized I was going to be moving back to the neighborhood and that Lula could soon become my new daily haunt. Also, Jackie is a goddess who is full of energy and vigor. Girl knows how to instill strength and inspire a person with just her words!
  • Sunday, Nick and I bummed around Logan Square and Palmer Square in search of future homes and new opportunities. I was gifted a free Arnold Palmer by a new friend, we got a table at Parson's with no wait, and the weather was unbelievably perfect. I must have walked four miles through the neighborhood just taking it all in.
  • Last night, Dad and I headed over to D's to make a giant Persian meal from scratch. Mark Bittman recently published a full menu for making an Armenian/Persian dinner, and we recreated the entire thing. The dill rice with fava beans was my favorite, and I fully intend on recreating it in my new rice cooker!
So there. Upon reflection, all of these wonderful delicious experiences would not have happened had I bucked up, threw down some serious cash, and just gone to Lollapalooza. I would not have enjoyed a leisurely weekend like this, learned new recipes, improved my math skills, or discovered that I'd been harboring makeup that was older than I care to admit. All in all, I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time, because it was fueled by my terrible FOMO - which I am proud to say I have stamped out.

02 August 2013

This Weekend

Full disclosure: Lollapalooza is this weekend. Lollapalooza has a major non-compete clause that prevents their performers from otherwise playing in Chicago. Vampire Weekend AND the Postal Service are playing Lollapalooza, thus I can't see them unless I hoof it to Grant Park. But let's be real. I can't afford tickets (re: Yo'Po'). Thus I don't get to see two of my favorite bands play. And yet, and yet... so many of my friends are going. So, like some cruel punishment, I get to spend a majority of this weekend alone, bummed about missing the bands I like, and bummed about having nobody to hang out with. It's the perfect storm y'all. That said, I'm trying to channel my jealous rage negative energy into positivity with a lot of good projects.

- GRE Practice Test
- Visiting TWO potential apartments in Logan Square
- Laundry galore! (bedsheets, towels, clothing, you name it)
- Reading more of Kitchen Confidential
- Listening to the Postal Service "Give Up" on full blast
- Reviewing my books - deciding to give some up (while listening to Give Up)
- Jog
- Listen to We Can't Stop on repeat