12 August 2013

Be Your Own Beyonce

In a somewhat impulsive moment on a dragging Friday afternoon, after one of the most trying weeks of my life, I cut all of my hair off. I'd been toying with the idea, casually in my brain for weeks but didn't actually think I would do it. Yes, I can bookmark photos of Carrie Mulligan and Winona Ryder a la "Girl Interrupted" as much as I want, but at the end of the day, I have to be my own Beyonce. Which means, I have to pinch myself, decide I'm getting a pixie cut, and surrender myself and my trust to the shears of another. I have to know that I am fierce and fabulous, I am strong and independent, and that I will look beautiful regardless of what's on my head. All it takes is confidence. And if this doesn't sound like one big metaphor for my life, then I guess I'm not doing a good job of describing how important this decision was for me.

Photo cred Emma Martin, who called and pretended to be me to make this appointment happen.
Sea change is coming, you better believe it. But the change for me is coming from within. I'm working on building up a thicker skin, being honest with myself (especially my needs), and laying foundations for my future. Which means waking up at 5:45, going for jogs even if it's raining, eating all of the food in my pantry even though I want to try that new restaurant, interviewing my friends about culinary art school, applying to grad school, moving, and kicking my job/future/school/career search into full gear. And lets be real - the extra 15 minutes I've given myself that could be spent drying and straightening my hair are going to have a major impact in the long run, I already feel it.



  1. I love your hair! Good call going short.

    1. Thanks girl! I've always LOVED your hair. You know how to rock it short, and you always look gorgeous.

      Hope you are well, I'm planning on moving back to your neck of the woods soon!!