28 August 2013

Putting the 'Gut' in Guttman

Gasp, did I really just publish my *real* last name on my blog?? Why yes, I did! Because I wanted to go on the record as being 100% my true self in this post. The last 6 months have been a blur for me. Winter bled into spring, which then inevitably blossomed into summer, and now here we are, days away from September. The air is starting to turn crisp, and I am gearing up for a world of change.

In the last month things have really fallen into place for me. This coming Friday will be my last day as an Art Institute employee, and I am both nervous and excited for my departure. I've been here for just over three years, my final year being a rollercoaster of sorts. But it cannot go without saying that this place has fostered an immense amount of growth both personally and professionally, and for that I will always be grateful.

When it came time for me to decide to leave, I knew that I had to be brave. That I had to put the proverbial 'gut' in Guttman. I knew that it wouldn't be easy, that I would be saying goodbye to a lot of good people, and giving up the pleasure and privilege of working with a collection of art that I love. But I know that this is my time for advancement, that it is time for a change. And I am leaving the museum amicably - I can always return with arms outstretched.

To those of you who have told me you were proud of me over the years, thank you.
To those of you who have visited me at work, and requested a tour, thank you.
To those of you who encouraged me to seek what makes me happiest, thank you.
And to those of you who have graciously supported me during this time of transition, thank you.

I will be updating you with posts about my *new job* once it begins, but until then, please enjoy some of my favorite memories from working at the Art Institute.

Mad Men Day with my fellow Museum Education interns
Regram from @jen_oatess : me hanging out in Packing with a very famous painting.
Visiting Packing to meet the rockstars of the museum
Wining and dining with Chagall and Picasso
Eating dinner in the Chicago Gallery
Seeing our Lions donned with the Blackhawks helmets not once, but twice!
Just me, and Bille Holiday
Being in the galleries before and after hours
Had a fantastic last class and crit yesterday night!
Taking a drawing class at the School for free
Giving a tour to students for the first time
Be still my heart. Pretty sure the stained glass in Fullerton hall is speaking to me.
All-staff meetings in Fullerton Hall
AIC Lexie and Kelsey
Giving tours to my friends
terzo piano portrait
Eating at Terzo Piano (at a discount!)
The night they projected the Warhol film "Empire" onto another building in the Loop


  1. I LOVE Sandy tours! You have such a bright future ahead of you, girl! I cant wait to hear stories from the new gig!

    1. Lexie, thanks for always insisting we go on a tour. It reminded me of why I worked at the museum in the first place. Anytime you visit, we can still go see the art ;) But this time, we'll give each other the tour!

      Also, can we go to the Frist together when I visit??

  2. I love that Lexie's photo made the post!

    1. Of course Lexie made the cut! Her visiting was one of the best parts of working there! Note: lunch at Terzo Piano was also up there, where you and I had lunch!