02 August 2013

This Weekend

Full disclosure: Lollapalooza is this weekend. Lollapalooza has a major non-compete clause that prevents their performers from otherwise playing in Chicago. Vampire Weekend AND the Postal Service are playing Lollapalooza, thus I can't see them unless I hoof it to Grant Park. But let's be real. I can't afford tickets (re: Yo'Po'). Thus I don't get to see two of my favorite bands play. And yet, and yet... so many of my friends are going. So, like some cruel punishment, I get to spend a majority of this weekend alone, bummed about missing the bands I like, and bummed about having nobody to hang out with. It's the perfect storm y'all. That said, I'm trying to channel my jealous rage negative energy into positivity with a lot of good projects.

- GRE Practice Test
- Visiting TWO potential apartments in Logan Square
- Laundry galore! (bedsheets, towels, clothing, you name it)
- Reading more of Kitchen Confidential
- Listening to the Postal Service "Give Up" on full blast
- Reviewing my books - deciding to give some up (while listening to Give Up)
- Jog
- Listen to We Can't Stop on repeat


  1. A lot of bands sign non-compete clauses for Bonnaroo, too, and I NEVER want to go to to Roo!!! Boo.

  2. Thank you for commiserating with me, Lex! I actually feel better about not going - in retrospect it was a good decision to stay home and get things done.