23 August 2013

This Weekend

I'm going to a wedding in Madison, WI this weekend. It's the third and final wedding of the summer for me. My favorite part of weddings (besides crying in front of strangers and dancing to "Shout") is guessing what kind of cake is hidden behind the frosting. I always hope and pray, crossing all of my appendages, for chocolate cake. Do y'all have any preferences??

And now on to my weekend plans:

- Visiting and apartment in Uki Village tonight
- Dropping in on Emma at her first night as a bouncer extraordinare
- Going to Madison, WI for aforementioned wedding
- Brunching in Madison based on some of Moriah's amazing recommendations
- Paying my bills
- Writing a practice essay for my GRE prep class
- Sweeping my floors
- Making a list of things I want to do in the next month before I move! 
- Stocking my fridge