09 August 2013

This Weekend

This last week has been very trying for me. Between Andrew and I taking some space, having three different possibly-career-changing interviews, visiting potential apartments, taking a practice GRE test, and the FOMO from Lollapalooza, I'm surprised I survived. There were more tears than I care to count, lots of blubbering and wondering about my self-worth, and revaluatimg my needs, but I feel like I've reached a place of solace, at least for the time being.

I sat down and brainstormed some realistic, attainable goals that apply to me and my happiness. I'm going to be spending more time at my apartment, until moving day (10/1). I'm going to be pushing myself to get out of bed earlier, and work out for at least 25 minutes a day. I'm motivating myself to study harder for the GRE - starting with flash cards and being more on top of the homework assignments. I'm reading more. I'm making myself eat breakfast. And I'm packing my lunches / bringing my own coffee from home every day. I'm also rekindling old friendships and looking to have simple carefree (less-alcohol related) hangouts. If you're interested, find me.

The little things that make my life easier and more wholesome are things I am in control of. I need to take better care of myself, and I have been neglecting to do so. I've been partying, going out, staying up late, binge-watching things, and eating an ungodly amount of hot dogs. This week has been about rejuvenation, rest, and bubble baths. This weekend marks the beginning of a new week, and maybe even a new era.

Here's what's on the docket:

- Trying Dillman's
- Making these popsicles
- Reading more of Kitchen Confidential
- Making GRE math prep flashcards
- Day II and Day III of Couch 2 5K

And on that note:

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  1. I totally feel ya'.
    chin up sandy!! Everything will work out.

    J x