09 August 2013

Top Six Picks: July 2013

Kale / Five Leaves Black Kale Salad
Black Kale Salad photo via Maison Des Reveries
I know, kale. How is that one of my "Top Six Picks"? Well, I wasn't a big kale-face-stuffer until very recently, and now I can't get enough of the stuff. Normally, I'd saute it in healthy delicious things like butter / olive oil / bacon fat and then add in garlic, onion, what have you. But then Nick (future roomie shoutout) taught me a trick for eating kale raw and taking the bitterness out of it... you massage the kale with avocado - coating it in delicious healthy fats, keeping your hands soft, and making for such a good healthy RAW VEGAN salad. I like to squeeze sriacha in mine, as well as throw lemon juice and maybe tomatoes and corn, but the toppings are up to you. In the midst of my kale kick, Andrew and I dined at Five Leaves in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY - they have a black kale salad that is a take on a caesar and it is to die for. Highly suggest!

The Bling Ring

Sophia Coppola's latest venture was tactile, fresh, and innovative. A film about what it is to be an outsider in a world based on class, status, wealth, and gorgeous material goods set in the mecca of all of these things, Los Angeles. Nearly everyone I know who saw this really didn't care for it, but I adored it. The quiet moments without sound were typical and beautiful of previous S.Coppola productions. The textures, glossiness, and richness of the objects profiled made the material wealth one of the leading characters of the film. And while I know the movie didn't have a serious message or a base of enriching content, it was a film that was carried by women and a gay man. Having watched and loved Spring Breakers, and having had time to reflect on this moment in television/film/pop culture, I think it is exciting and refreshing to see often marginalized demographics coming to the forefront, playing leading roles based on strength and power. Love love loved, this movie.

Knife Skills Class at the Chopping Block

Knife skillz class, more like life skills, amirite?? 
For Andrew's birthday I signed us up for a knife skills class at the Chopping Block in Lincoln Square. The class was two-and-a-half hours long, and totally rocked my world. The chef lectured us on the do's and dont's of how to hold a knife, how to cut in different styles, and how to properly purchase a knife that you will use and love. He demystified knives as whole, and after talking and talking, we actually spent an hour chopping and dicing a variety of veggies which we then brought home for future-soup! I highly suggest y'all look into a class of this nature, you will be cutting like a pro in no time.

Orange Is the New Black

Image via the Huffington Post
I watched OITNB in five days. I binge watched the living pulp out of this show because it was so clever, well-written, interesting, and dare I say it... perfect? Finally a prison show for woman! A show about strong interesting flawed beautiful women from all different backgrounds and socioeconomic areas. Finally trans actors making their ways to staring rolls on TV. Laura Prepon is a goddess, this show is gorgeous and gritty. Also, Emily Nussbaum loves it, so naturally, I love it. Stream it now.

Parson's Chicken and Fish / Negroni Slushy

Negroni slushie was basically invented for me and my day off. 
Two words, five syllables: Negroni Slushy.

Side Dish Mag

The lovely, beautiful, ambitious Emma Marie spearheaded the creation of Side Dish Mag which unveiled in June. The idea for it was to have a sort of Rookie Mag for 20-somethings, written for us by us (FUBU). Each month is a theme, and a handful of folks submit a response to the theme (essay, photoessay, .gifs, etc.). I've contributed to June and July, and let me say that having a deadline and a project has actually motivated me to create more - whether it's cooking, blogging, jogging, or just being outside. Side Dish RULES and is bringing wisdom, truth, and humor to a world that can never have enough of those things. I love you Emma, thanks for starting something real.

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  1. second time within a week I've read about massaging raw kale. I like the idea of massaging it with avocado. we saw blue jasmine a couple of days ago / talk about a clash of contexts...love you dune!