27 September 2013

This Weekend

- Forever packing up my apartment
- Ordering in take out
- Reading more of Everything Matters
- Seeing my mother (who is helping me pack!)
- Enjoying the last morsels of September
- Taking deep breaths


20 September 2013

The Dodos at Lincoln Hall

UntitledThat time I told the Dodos drummer he reminded me of QB1 Matt Saracen.

Last night, Audrey and I went to see the Dodos at Lincoln Hall, and it was seriously a dream. I feel like we floated on a cloud, to the front row, where we had a religious experience not unlike the ecstasy of Saint Theresa. We danced, we sang, we thrashed around a little, all while drinking delicious beers and screaming "QB1" at the drummer who I am convinced looks just like Matt Saracen. We indulged ourselves and got our records signed by the band, where we had a "they're just like us" moment upon learning that they are just as engrossed in the Breaking Bad finale as the rest of America, and the drummer watches and loves FNL. The Dodos in addition to be amazing performers, are just normal dudes who enjoy beers and television.

If you haven't already, check out their latest album, Carrier. It's super sad, but beautiful, and also available on Spotify!

Mood Board: Moving to My Dreamy New Apartment

Just popping in for a moment to dump some of the inspirational photos I'm using to jump start my move. Nick and I found the world's dreamiest apartment. A light-filled space with big bedrooms and gorgeous hardwood floors, right off of one of Chicago's historic boulevard's. Next door to Parson's... negroni slushies and fried chicken at my beck and call. I'm picturing our humble abode filled with plants, framed art, our mid-century modern furniture blended effortlessly together. I am fantasizing about carving pumpkins, mulled wine, lawn games and picnics on the boulevard green, riding bicycles to all of the new restaurants opening in the neighborhood, projecting movies on the wall, endlessly baking bread, listening to records, book club convening, and reinstating Making Things Craft Club.

Are you drooling yet? If not, here's some eye candy for you:

Gorgeous plant shelf via Moriah
Pretty Wall Display via Design Sponge
Fiddleleaf fig tree via the Marion House Book
Gorgeous view of kitchen via Old Brand New
Thrown together wall display via Scout and Catalogue

15 September 2013

Missing Summer

Though we had a few warm days this past week, it's hard not to feel like summer is pretty much on its last legs. Leaves are changing, October 1st leases are being signed, the Jewish High Holidays have come and gone, I saw my breath today, and by golly it's actually soup weather. Starting up work on Monday has gotten me into hyperdrive, feeling very "back-to-schooly" lately. All this excitement for fall has me nostalgic for the summer - so here are some photos for reflecting from my most recent trip to Michigan. Sigh, I'm already looking forward to the next time I can eat at Oink's, grill hot dogs from Falatic's, and go for walks on the beach with a mug of coffee in hand.

A backyard fire in Grand Rapids, MI
Kevin and Andrew at the Pool
Not from Michigan, but still summer. Lounging by a Chicago Public pool
Us at Cherry Beach
Beach time at Cherry Beach
Andrew at Oink's
Cones at Oink's
Cherry Beach
Morning walk on the beach

07 September 2013


Well this week was certainly unpredictable. I took a "staycation" between ending my old job and starting my new one, with the eager mindset to achieve nearly everything ever the universe has put in my path. Obviously that meant nothing (even though I made lists) because life throws things at you, things don't get crossed off lists, and omg I finally bought a pair of Ray Bans!

BRB editing myself into "Breathless"

But some things were accomplished, Ray Bans included.

  1. I finally returned a broken cable box to Comcast. If you know me, at all, you will have heard me talk about Comcast like she's my crazy aunt whom I have a strained yet endearing relationship with. In short, I am paying for cable because it's cheaper to buy cable than not (?). I had a box installed ($30 fee, waddup), then the box promptly broke, I didn't care, and I just left it. But in an act of impulse after months of non-cable I was technically paying for, I decided to return said box. And by return, I mean order a replacement box, and not return the old one. Between May and August, I kept the box in a box in my living room because idgaf. And then I started racking up a late fee, but I still didn't gaf. So, after enough prodding and determination, I returned the damn thing. Boom. Feeling better already
  2. I sold a suitcase full of books to Half Price Books then promptly spent the money (couch $18 cough) on, well I don't know what I spent the money on. Probably cab fare or tacos.
  3. Had a roll of film developed from Michigan.
  4. Went through multiple "under my bed" boxes.
  5. Got rid of clothing.
  6. Went to seven art openings.
  7. Went to synagogue twice.
  8. Finished my Dan Brown book.
  9. Started a new book.
  10. Signed a lease on my new apartment! 
  11. Signed up to volunteer for the Chicago Humanity Festival and to volunteer with 826 Chicago.

And on Monday I start my new job. Everything is happening very quickly and all at once. Truth be told I am stressed and nervous and freaked out (I'm a creature of habit who hates change). But all of these changes are good! Very good!  If anyone has an tips on how to move efficiently, or any encouraging words for starting a new job, leave them here or text me!

Happy Saturday,