07 September 2013


Well this week was certainly unpredictable. I took a "staycation" between ending my old job and starting my new one, with the eager mindset to achieve nearly everything ever the universe has put in my path. Obviously that meant nothing (even though I made lists) because life throws things at you, things don't get crossed off lists, and omg I finally bought a pair of Ray Bans!

BRB editing myself into "Breathless"

But some things were accomplished, Ray Bans included.

  1. I finally returned a broken cable box to Comcast. If you know me, at all, you will have heard me talk about Comcast like she's my crazy aunt whom I have a strained yet endearing relationship with. In short, I am paying for cable because it's cheaper to buy cable than not (?). I had a box installed ($30 fee, waddup), then the box promptly broke, I didn't care, and I just left it. But in an act of impulse after months of non-cable I was technically paying for, I decided to return said box. And by return, I mean order a replacement box, and not return the old one. Between May and August, I kept the box in a box in my living room because idgaf. And then I started racking up a late fee, but I still didn't gaf. So, after enough prodding and determination, I returned the damn thing. Boom. Feeling better already
  2. I sold a suitcase full of books to Half Price Books then promptly spent the money (couch $18 cough) on, well I don't know what I spent the money on. Probably cab fare or tacos.
  3. Had a roll of film developed from Michigan.
  4. Went through multiple "under my bed" boxes.
  5. Got rid of clothing.
  6. Went to seven art openings.
  7. Went to synagogue twice.
  8. Finished my Dan Brown book.
  9. Started a new book.
  10. Signed a lease on my new apartment! 
  11. Signed up to volunteer for the Chicago Humanity Festival and to volunteer with 826 Chicago.

And on Monday I start my new job. Everything is happening very quickly and all at once. Truth be told I am stressed and nervous and freaked out (I'm a creature of habit who hates change). But all of these changes are good! Very good!  If anyone has an tips on how to move efficiently, or any encouraging words for starting a new job, leave them here or text me!

Happy Saturday, 


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